Samsung Orbis Gear A

At a time when the war between the different manufacturers of connected watches is growing rage, the Korean giant Samsung swim against the current after deciding to momentarily leave the sector to produce the “perfect show”.

Nevertheless, under this sentence rather explicit, it was surely understand that Samsung withdrew a few months since the new market shows connected the Korean giant is already fled. At the stage are the current rumors, the Samsung Orbis, going Gear A, seems closer to commercialization than the prototype, some of its features have leaked, as the name it should be on the market. First information have been revealed, the Gear A should run on Tizen, the operating system house of Samsung. Information to be taken lightly, because if it makes many months rumors announce a new flagship store in Samsung Tizen, it still did not give Android on its flagship products.
The Samsung Gear A should also be powered by an Exynos 7 Octa, a chipset that is found especially in the high-end smartphones of the Korean manufacturer. Why build a simple watch connected in such a computing power? Hard to say for now, but it is not impossible that Samsung has decided to develop a very advanced operating system capable of displaying, as suggested suggest the image that has leaked several notifications simultaneously or be completely autonomous. The latter possibility was strengthened by a rumor stating that Samsung would provide to market two versions of its shows, one dependent on a smartphone and only equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth modules, the other being also able to accommodate a card SIM and connect to 3G networks to be fully independent.
Finally, Samsung may abandon the rectangular screens and choose, like the Moto 360, for a round screen in order to approach a little more traditional design watches needle.