Samsung Is Closer to Pay Again to Apple for Patent Infringement

Returns to be movement among companies by the patent war We are following since Android started to become popular and Apple and Microsoft decide to move to avoid losing money.

The last time that we could see a new demand was a month ago, when Apple asked Samsung $ 2,000 million, they would then go up until you reach the 2,200 million, a quantity huge for us but more normal for large companies. We already know the judge’s decision, and this time it was Samsung which has lost, although he still plays the statement of the jury.

Patents and devices in question

This time we not faced with design patents, in which Samsung came out winner considering judges that there is enough design difference between one and the other. This time are issues of patents, where already is a very diffuse field and you can not know the result. The list is as follows

  • Patent 5.946.647: Quick links
  • Patent 6.847.959: universal search
  • Patent 7.761.414: synchronization in the background
  • Patent 8.046.721: slide to unlock
  • Patent 8.074.172: Word suggestions

We have functions very necessary for the use of the terminals and also known patent slide to block, something that Steve Jobs protected with suspicion and that was one of the reasons for wanting a thermonuclear war.

With regard to the affected terminals, We have all ranges and sizes, including a Nexus device: Samsung Admire, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4 G Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Touch, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S3 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Samsung Stratosphere.

The judge’s decision

In these cases we must study the demand patent by patent, and declared with this final

  • Patent of the Quicklinks: infringed in all devices
  • Patent of the universal search: not infringed in No device
  • Patent of the synchronization in the background: not infringed in No device
  • Patent slide to unlock: infringed in Some devices
  • Patent of the suggestions of words: infringed according to decision of judge Koh

At the end the move has not gone as well as expected for Apple, because with this partial vistoria the total reservation amount will be reduced to only $ 119 million, little more than 5% of the 2,000 million initial. For the moment the decision is in the hands of the jury, who will have the last word on this issue, at least on whether payable or not, since legally Apple infringed patent.