Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatches

Overall, Gear S2 handles satisfactorily with notifications. The biggest problem was with the appearance of some. Seriously, why did that gray Telegram icon in the background? It would look a lot more beautiful with a translucent solid color, like with Gmail, or even a black background. But anyway, until the system is well finished in terms of design.

I was pleased with the watch faces included in the application, which can be customized with different indicators and themes. I preferred to use a more basic theme and analog clock, but digital also has interesting options, such as customizing the background image with a photo from the gallery. If nothing pleases, the Samsung store offers a few more faces, but the options are little scarce (and not so good).

In addition, the application also allows you to send content to the watch. This gives the Samsung Gear S2 more autonomy compared to the smartphone, thanks to the 4 GB of internal memory included in the smartwatch. You can, for example, save some photos or music, and even enable automatic sync, for this to happen whenever the watch is charging.

I do not know if it makes sense to upload photos to smartwatch: again, instead of opening a gallery app on the tiny screen, it’s more practical to get the smartphone out of your pocket. As for the songs, it can be useful if you have a Bluetooth headset: you can connect it to the Gear S2 and go out to run, like in other watches.

Even without the smartphone, the Gear S2 is not so disoriented: some apps can upgrade over Wi-Fi , like Flipboard, and S Health works fine; When the connection is resumed, the data is logged in the application. You’ll only be left without your social networking notifications and updates, unless you download apps to update them, like Social Watch.


After a lot of crazy experiments and one flaw after another, I think Samsung finally got it right with Gear S2. It is a beautiful watch with an acceptable battery and a system that works well. Why did not anyone think of including a rotating bezel that integrates with the software before? Oh really. It is very useful.

The most serious problem (which ends up not being so serious) is for Tizen. Not because applications are missing, after all, if I want to do something more than respond to a notification or monitor my physical activity, I prefer to take the smartphone out of my pocket. But because I have a bit of a fear of the life of Gear S2 in the long run.

As other smart clocks are being updated, the system tracks and the wide availability of applications for the platform as well. In Gear S2, I do not know if this should happen, since Samsung does not have a good track record in handling very long support times and the developers have not been so interested in Tizen like this. It’s more of a concern than a problem in itself.

However, it ends up getting worse with the price of Gear S2 here. The smart watch costs $ 1,899 in its cheapest model , while the Gear S2 classic can reach a scary $ 2,099. This is much more than other watches with Android Wear, like the Moto 360 or the LG Watch Urbane.

Gear S2 is a good smartwatch, but … for almost $ 2,000? It’s okay that ordinary clocks are usually expensive, but they have no danger of becoming obsolete.