Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Test of the Noble-S6

Test verdict: What you should know

Attractive materials, great feel and a bright, super sharp display, which is a real eye catcher with its spectacular form: The Galaxy S6 edge is fast and top equipped but less flexible than their predecessors. Best price on the Internet: 386,00 euro * per order this product at Amazon spectacular display great processing, appealing housing high work tempo prima camera function for Wireless charging to on-board fingerprint sensor contra no memory card slot battery set not waterproof installed test note of Editor 2.12 good users rating (of 4 reviews) update (22.1.2016): soon it’s time: Android 6.0 Marshmallow is available for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in the near future. Currently, the manufacturer tried out the new operating system in a closed beta test, whose pleasure is only a small, selected group of participants. The good news: Also can no longer take it for the normal owner of S6 Android Marshmallow lands on the Smartphone.

What makes the S6 edge special


Already the Galaxy S6 met the expectations that had many in terms of material and processing to the new generation of the Galaxy S6 edge puts another one on it. So far, the recipe for Samsung’s S-class was simple: take the latest technology and put them in a plastic case with removable battery and memory card. That’s now: the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge marks a radical break with the fundamental principles of all previous S-class devices. People who plan the purchase consideration, learns in the buying advice from Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy edge, which is the right phone, if worth the transition from a predecessor, the devices with contract costs and where you might go for a bargain.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge

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Galaxy S6 edge: First impressions


The most striking feature of the Galaxy S6 edge is down arched to the edge of the screen. When the giant Smartphone Galaxy touch edge the display only on the right side was bent; at the edge of the S6, the curvature on both sides, is however without additional rows of pixels. The S6 edge is also much thinner (7 instead of 8.1 mm) and narrower (70.1 instead of 72.5 mm) than the previous Galaxy S5, only the camera’s lens protrudes approximately 1.5 mm. The total is the S6 edge similar to well in the hand like the iphone 6. Compared to the normal S6, it is but a little edgier at the bottom.

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The edge area


While the curved edge of the display in the Galaxy Samsung touch edge abundant auxiliary functions giving only little remains of them at the edge of the S6: the curvature is used here not as permanent lateral auxiliary display, for quick access to favorite apps. Instead, it is simply part of the normal screen of that tilts something just on the sides. What position the curved sides? In particular they make pleasant the operation: it feels good, to wipe, similarly as before with the thumb over the rounding in the Nokia Lumia 920. horizontal swipe gestures succeed more easily. So far they are only rarely needed for Android, Samsung has come up with but some additional gestures: a swipe of the finger from right to left across the edge of the screen displays the last caller, and you can call back in immediately. The edge of the housing of the darkened display as status indicator can be used in standby mode. You appear swipe your finger upwards and down along the edge in this area time and weather info and you can see even the information if the phone is: so it serves as a bedside clock.

11 facts about the Galaxy class S6

  1. new colors coming soon erhältlichsamsungs flagships get color junior: soon, there’s the Samsung Galaxy S6 in blue (Blue Topaz), the Galaxy S6 edge comes in green (Green Emerald). Nothing is changed on the price, Samsung is silent so far about the specific date of delivery. Online retailer Amazon has listed already the new colours long must be fans no longer be patient.

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S6 in blue at Amazon

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in green at Amazon

  1. front and back are completely made of Gorilla glass 4 video: WINS Galaxy S6 and S6 edge
  2. new eight core processor, the first computer core in the 4 camera 14-nm production process is significantly better, first optical image stabilizer video: camera in detail 5 camera makes up to 240 FPS in full HD mode video: camera in detail 6 Wireless store is built (two standards: PMA, Qi) video: Wireless charging 7 fingerprint sensor like in Apple: set up enough video: fingerprint sensor in detail 8 new super-fast UFS 2.0 memory 9 no expansion via memory card more than 10. The battery is not more easily changeable 11. The case is no longer waterproof in contrast to the S5

A round thing: Bright and sharp display


The Super-AMOLED-display of both variants of the S6 displays crisp colors and high contrast. It is the same size as in the Galaxy S5 (5.1 inch diagonal), but much sharper. 2560 x 1440 pixel, it reached a record-breaking sharpness value of 577 ppi. According to Samsung’s is the currently the sharpest Smartphone display ever. However, you need really good eyes to recognize the increase in pixels compared to a full-HD display at all. In the brightness of the difference, however, is clear: the S6 edge is not only brighter than a Galaxy S5, but contacted a new best fit among the our site tested smartphones and the 763 candela per square metre, although AMOLED screens are actually darker.

Video on the subject

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is the new star in the Galaxy family. See here, how the Smartphone in the COMPUTER screen test results. Without rough edges? Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in the test! Samsung Galaxy S6 edge at a bargain price

Samsung Galaxy S6: iphone-6-killer or copy?

Design: Who wants to be beautiful must suffer


The housing framework consists of a piece of aluminium, the bottom looks strikingly similar to the iPhone 6. However, the new design brings a constraint with it: the housing is no longer open. It dropped three advantages of its predecessor: there is no memory card slot, no removable battery, and the case is not waterproof. For the one or the other fan of Samsung’s Galaxy S family, this is certainly a big blow. “The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is a really good luxury phone and luxury costs!” Michael HUCH, editor

Speed: 8 cores in the benchmark test


At first try out and test the S6 edge proved very fast working device. The operation is liquid and easy menus traveling only about the fancy display. Also Samsungs ensure eight core of Exynos 7420 and 3 gigabytes of RAM with supposedly up to 88 percent faster LPDDR4 technology. The 14-nanometer manufacturing is a 20 percent higher pace of work allow for 35% less power consumption. In the benchmark tests the edge section better even something as the S6. Only the somewhat lame video editing function does not fit in the picture. The edge significantly before the HTC one M9 and the Galaxy S6 was the Antutu benchmark. In the Geekbench single core iphone 6 and 6 plus something were brisk; in the Geekbench multicore the edge, however, was the fastest by far and ahead of the HTC one M9 and the S6. In the GFX bench (Manhattan offscreen), S6 and edge are tip. The Manhattan onscreen where the native resolution is calculated, plus was the iphone 6 before one M9 and iphone 6.

S6 & S6 edge: Tricks and hidden features

21 functions and tricks tips & tricks for the S6/S6 edge

Radio and receiver
The wireless connection is also now threesome: the S6 edge enables LTE connections with up to 300 Mbps and has Wi-Fi-ac with MIMO technology (multiple antennas parallel) on board. The test identified a clean performance good send – and receive values and a low radiation.

Galaxy S6: Memory

All S6 variants are now with large internal memory available, either 32, 64 or 128 GB in the fast new UFS-2.0 standard (universal Flash storage), which is used also with SSD hard drives. According to Samsung data is intended to be halved energy consumption 2.7 times faster than in the previous internal memory and about twelve times faster than typical memory cards calling. Annoying, however, is the absence of an easily replaceable battery: after two years use a battery shows already signs of old age. While the replacement costs only a few euros, the service is required on the Samsung’s smartphones. Cost? Not yet known.

Galaxy S6/S6 edge: Prices and store compared 16 GB32 GB64 GB128 GB Galaxy S6-699 Euro799 Euro899 eurogalaxy S6 edge-849 Euro949 Euro1049 eurogalaxy note 4-769 euro-Galaxy touch edge-849 euro-Apple iphone 6699 euro-799 Euro899 euro iPhone 6 Plus799 euro-899 Euro999 eurogalaxy S5-599 euro –


Camera: Same resolution, better technology

In all versions of the S6, Samsung installed new camera modules. The main camera comes as its predecessor with 16 megapixels, but with two important innovations: with an aperture of f1, 9 (previous: f2, 2) should the lens be will. In addition, an optical image stabilizer is built now. Similar to how the Lumia top models (about the Lumia 830 and 930) or the iphone 6 plus Apple provides this stability ensure that videos are blurred less. In rooms with low light, also lighter shots are possible thanks to long exposure times. Auto HDR feature to provide greater contrast photos. Even with the slow motion function, Samsung Apple follows: videos in the creep can now record with similar frequency of 240 frames per second (FPS) with 1280 x 720 pixels. The auto focus automatically on faces sharp, even when the people move (tracking auto focus). The front camera provides more detailed images than its predecessor: 5 mega pixel with an aperture of f1, 9 are incorporated rather than 2 mega pixels (S5) (S5: f2, 4).

Camera comparison: Galaxy S6, iphone 6, one M9 & Lumia

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Galaxy S6 edge: test photos


Regardless of image quality wowed the quick start mode: it is enough, twice the home button to push start the camera app, even when your phone is locked. It only takes 0.7 seconds. In the test the cameras of the S6 and S6 edge in several everyday scenarios with the iphone 6 had the Lumia 1520 and partly also with a prior series copy of the HTC one M9 measure plus. The result: When shooting low light without Flash the S6 edge provides sometimes brighter, sharper and rauschärmere than the iphone 6 plus; the photos are partly Schäfer as the Lumia-1520-camera. This is a significant improvement over the previous Galaxy S5. In the photo gallery, you see the comparison shots.

Operating system and operation


The S6 and the S6 edge come with Android 5.0. Samsung’s own UI Touchwiz is earlier compared to something more discreet and stylish. And it allows some tricks to get faster to the target: the smart Manager function allows quick access to important functions, about information about power consumption, the activation of the ultra power saving mode and the call of the built-in security software from mcafee. The S6 edge offers several adjustment tools compared to the normal S6, replaced as the usual status leds. So the whole screen in color lights up for incoming calls, which has been set for the respective contact. Thanks to the vault, the user sees that even if the mobile phone with the display lies down on the table. He taps Flash LED, on incoming call on the S6 edge automatically rejects the call and sends a SMS to the sender.

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Battery life


The battery of the edge through (mah) more fascinating as he of the Galaxy S6 with 2,600 mah he got 12 minutes longer delicate 50 mAh in the test case of intensive use, a total of 9 hours and 28 minutes. This is however not a glorious chapter: the Galaxy S5 did at least an hour longer that iphone 6 surpasses the edge plus whopping 5.5 hours.

Wireless charging without additional cover


Who wants to download the mobile phone on an induction charger, had to replace extra back against a slightly thicker variation with built-in loading coil former Galaxy models; now, the wireless technology is already built. The highlight: In addition to the newer power matters-charging technology (PMA), which already exist in some restaurant chains in the United States, the S6 and the S6 edge dominate the established Qi charging technology of earlier Galaxys. In the test, both S6 models on a common Qi charger settled charge. And with the new charging slots at the same time presented by Samsung with the S6, also charging an S5 and a 930 Lumia work. According to Samsung, full charging takes only half as long as in the iphone 6. And if it must go quickly, ten minutes loading time for four hours should enough running time.

Galaxy S6 edge wins best product Award


On the mobile radio fair Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Our site fell into the fray and went on the search for the absolute highlights. The main products received the coveted best product award of the editorial office. The spectacular Galaxy S6 edge made great design with brisk pace of work, good camera, and super sharp display this year that connects it race in the Smartphone category.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge: the Amazon customers are saying


At Amazon, the Galaxy S6 edge receives an average rating of four stars. The clear majority of customers gave the Smartphone with the top note, only a small part of reviewed the phone with one to three stars a. The plus points are usually the refined design, the smart display, fast working speed and the strong camera. Also the battery life comes a good away, although there are also negative votes. Some users criticize that the battery is not replaceable and it no way for memory expansion. The prize is a thorn in the side.


All user ratings to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Conclusion: The Galaxy S6 edge is sharp


What began with the new a-class, has reached its peak with the S6 edge: Samsung has newly invented its smartphones; This put the reputation of the ugly duckling. With the edge displays, there is finally an innovation in design and material. The downside: The battery can be exchanged only at Samsung, and the high purchase price provides an inglorious placement in the list of phone records. Bottom line is not only the design but also the performance as the currently best test score proves: 1st place for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge!

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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge: launch and availability


Samsung requires at least 849 euro (32 GB) for the Galaxy S6 edge. With full cabin (128 GB), even 1,049 euros is payable. The Galaxy S6 euros each 150 less. Launch was the 10th April 2015 tips for device selection and purchase, see the buying advice.