Samsung Galaxy S5: 5 Helpful Tips

According to cellphoneexplorer, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has a 16-Megapixel camera on the back on board, which generally have very good pictures. Also South Koreans have incorporated some new features compared to its predecessors – such as, for example, the selective auto focus. We tell you how you use these new features, and with what other little tricks, it brings out the best from the camera of the Galaxy S5, you in our guide.

Samsung Galaxy S5 5 Helpful Tips

Uses The Selective Focus

With the selective focus, Samsung the Galaxy S5 has brought an interesting feature. Thus, you can set the focus area after taking a picture. As in HDR mode, the camera here takes several pictures, where instead of the exposure the focus changes. This allows you, after you have recorded a picture, different sharpening and blurring can try out. To use selective focus, just a slight touch of the display.

Keep Clean Your Lens

Because the lens of your Galaxy S5 is not very large, even the smallest speck of dust disruptive affect a photo. Respects so before taking pictures on a clean lens of your smartphones and is carefully visible debris located on it. Best you used for a fine micro-fibre or a glasses cleaning cloth. Used best no paper handkerchiefs, as this can cause scratches.

Samsung Galaxy S5 5 Helpful Tips

Better Pictures Thanks To HDR

With the high-dynamic-range function (HDR) of the Galaxy S5 you can shoot pictures well even under difficult lighting conditions. If this mode is enabled, the camera of the Galaxy S5 shoots multiple images in a short time interval, which are differently exposed and then automatically be reassembled. However you must keep the Smartphone to an HDR shot very quiet, so that no streaks occur on the photo.

The Courage To Close Up

Generally when shooting with the Smartphone: the closer it approaches to a subject, the photo is the better. Initially considered your subject from different angles on the screen and only then press the shutter button when it achieves the best effect. If you have seen a concrete motive, is as close to as possible and take a little single body posture when shooting the photos in order.

Two Hands Operate Better Than One

A shaky hand often makes for shaky images. Therefore, your Galaxy S5 when shooting a photo serves best always two hands. Particularly in landscape mode, you can stabilize your Smartphone just fine with both hands and operated with the thumb. Special tripods are recommended – especially when shooting night scenes for an extra quiet attitude.


  • With the selective focus, you can set different sharpening before and after a photo shoot
  • Make sure that the lens of your Galaxy S5 is always clean with Samsung tools
  • Uses the HDR mode in difficult light conditions
  • Tried getting close to your chosen subject to go
  • If possible use your Smartphone with two hands