Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

After the Galaxy S3 becoming a bestseller, Samsung pushes for now the appropriate accessories and there is something for everyone.

It begins with a shell, the flip cover that protects your device and in faux leather design that perfectly adapts to your mobile phone. Looks very chic and also perfectly fits the blue version in my opinion.

Samsung introduces the accessories for your Galaxy S3-1

This includes two docking stations. It is very classic, loads the Sumsung Galaxy on conventional means through the connector and can be connected to your sound system. The other dock charges a battery directly.

In addition, Samsung brought her horse even a suitable stylus, and you have to make even more accurate input. Draw something probably as the best example.

Samsung introduces the accessories for your Galaxy S3-2

Only the new keyboard is still unsure. While it is to type very cool longer texts on something and all important functions are available directly, but in the pocket to be nothing (unfortunately are no mass communication from Samsung). You must try, can be very handy.