SamMobile Details The Operation of The Galaxy of Fingerprint Sensor S5

For SamMobile they were rumors, but now say they find themselves in the position to confirm it. That the Galaxy S5 will come with fingerprint reader It is something that would not be at this point in the film news.

Always it is how things work and the reason for that are as well, and from the Dutch blog they say have both answers to this biometric sensor with the next South Korean star.

So far the craziest rumours spoke of the S5 Galaxy could come with this scanner built into the screen, so we just need to slide your finger for this to unlock. But finally could not be the case, but This sensor would be in the phone’s home button.

Obviously, if the sensor is in the physical terminal button is that Samsung will keep them, as usual on their devices. The difference with the latest Apple phone would be that It would be necessary to slide the fingertip by the sensor to make read us the fingerprint. As they are running from SamMobile, we will have to do it ‘at a moderate speed’ so this recognizes it, that if, with a view of our footprint in real time on the screen.

If had not painted it disappointing enough (although probably somewhat safer, and recognizing that the see the footprint is interesting), the button would be also sensitive to humidity. If you take too damp or wet fingers, system would give us an error and would jump a message indicating that we dry ourselves fingers.

In the system could store up to 8 different tracks, being able to assign each to a different task, leaving at least one reserved to unlock the phone. For these new patterns biometric Samsung would have prepared a new folder personal, as a container, and a private mode where to keep applications, content, and even widgets away from prying eyes. The Protocol would be to open these private functions, press the button and then move the finger, in addition to maintaining the pattern and PIN code access options.

In SamMobile they say have decided not to show any image ‘ to contain the surprise until the presentation’ (weird, right?) to be held in Barcelona at the beginning of next week. What do you think of all this?