Rumor of the Day: Yahoo is Eyeing the Dailymotion to Fight with YouTube

Age Marissa Mayer at Yahoo is taking shape. According to Reuters, Yahoo would be frank negotiation with France Telecom-Orange to acquire the video site Dailymotion. With the purchase, Yahoo may be taking the first step to develop and profit with a video service competitor Almighty YouTube.

The Dailymotion was founded in France in 2005 and today is the 31st most visited site in the world with approximately 116 million unique visitors per month – far less than the 800 million YouTube claims to have. The service has a staff of 165 employees and is available in over 30 different languages, including Portuguese.

According to Reuters, Yahoo’s intention was to acquire 75% stake in the company, paying heavy 300 million. This would be the largest acquisition of Yahoo since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO. More than the user base, the great value of Dailymotion is the experience of its employees and technological structure. Combine this with the still huge amount of Yahoo users and the rumor starts to get interesting.

Marisa Mayer, it never hurts to remember, took over Yahoo in July last year and was “homegrown talent” from Google, where he worked in all major divisions of the company. Since the beginning of his tenure, Yahoo saw an increase in its value on the stock exchange and radical changes in its corporate culture.

Rumors say that the negotiations are slow and can not be held, but it is interesting to keep an eye on the news.