Rose Gold In The Nails

The rose gold is a democratic color, which goes well on any occasion and allows beautiful nail art. Check out photos to inspire with color

Rose gold is a color that’s been conquering a lot of people. Your presence is already noted in jewelry, accessories, footwear, cellular appliances and also, why not, on the nails? It is a sophisticated color, which when applied to the nails, ensures brightness and goes well at any occasion, especially in the most formal.

This enamel also confers delicacy and modernity to the visual. As a clear tone, it is very feminine, while it is modern by the presence of the metallic texture, which refers to Futurism. That is, it is a democratic tone that combines with different formats and sizes of nails.

The color can be applied to the nails completely or then be part of the detail of a nail art. Reviewed by, glazes in light tones form great compositions and for those who do not miss the chance to shine, the glitter next to Tom Rose gold falls very well.

In addition to finding the ready enamel is possible also to make Misturinha at home and get the rose gold from other colors. A hint is to use a light pink enamel as deep and apply, with the bottom still without drying, a golden enamel.

Thinking of the various possibilities that this color can offer for your nails, we have selected amazing photos with ideas to inspire you to use the rose gold on your nails. Check out below and fall in love with this sophisticated and modern tone:

  1. Rose Gold is an elegant color that looks great on nails
  2. You can simply paint your nails with color
  3. Betting on a simple nail art
  4. Or dare with a more elaborate nail art
  5. You can really dare in nail art
  6. And the Rose gold also goes well with other colours
  7. You can shine with a lot of glitter
  8. And the glitter can also be just a small detail
  9. The rose gold can come in earth tones and be more discreet
  10. And can be combined with golden
  11. Rose Gold, golden and glitter: a combination to raze
  12. The Rose gold is a very democratic color
  13. It falls very well on short nails
  14. Also values the average nails
  15. And it looks amazing in long fingernails
  16. Mature women can also (and should!) invest in Rose gold
  17. This color can be used without problems everyday
  18. And on special occasions rose gold assigns sophistication
  19. Speaking of sophistication, how about painting only one fingernail on each hand with rose gold?
  20. This tone helps to confer a illuminated effect on your skin
  21. Even in lighter skins
  22. In black and dark fur The rose gold is incredible
  23. We have no doubt about that.
  24. You can invest in a rose gold enamel with holographic effect
  25. With glitter
  26. Or use the Rose gold common
  27. But we know that that tone is not a little common
  28. How about trying the traditional French with rose gold?
  29. Or another simple nail art, but that makes all the difference
  30. And if you need inspiration
  31. Options do not lack
  32. The Rose gold may still appear in the darkest shades of pink
  33. It’s a color that always goes well
  34. Do you still have doubts?
  35. Take a test, you won’t regret it!

The rose gold is a very democratic color and it assigns sophistication, whether by painting the nails of that color or by betting on a simple or elaborate nail art. Options with this color do not lack and, after seeing these beautiful images, you will not fail to try the nails the rose gold right?

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