Roll It and Racer, Plays with The Two New Chrome Experiments with Your Android

The Chrome team announced today the official launch of two new Chrome Experiments, Roll It y Racer, it allow us to play with our Android devices through its Chrome browser as well as other experiments such as Super Sync Sports or World Wide Maze.

Roll It allows us to play the classic game arcades and fairs in which we have to throw a ball to brew it in her holes to get the highest score. To play this game you need a device with Android and a computer or laptop. With the mobile phone we will set and will be launching the ball and from the screen of the computer will see the game with 3D graphics. You can play up to three players by turns with the same device.

Racer is the second experiment, but was announced at the Google I/O 2013 and was available from days ago, but it was not until today that Google has officially announced its availability. It is of a type available only for Android scalextric racing game. Racer allows us to play with several players with multiple devices that put them together will form the track. To control the car only we have to click to speed up. The game’s music is available for free download from Google Play.