Roberto Verino Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013. among Earthy and Greyish

In full Madrid fashion week and still hungover from the the other fashion weeks international, touch give a good account to one of our most acclaimed Spanish couturiers and a couple of seasons ago already decided to return to the mythical Cibeles. Forgiveness to the catwalk, now known as the Mercedes, ellipsis, to me the name (and that that entails) I still finished convince.

Titles aside, began to analyze the parade of Roberto Verino, as always it was moderate in terms of color, but that it risked, nor much, with some cuts and finishes and materials.

Straight silhouettes in almost monochromatic looks

For the upcoming season Autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 What is becoming clear to many fashion houses, is that the color star will be the palette terrea and gray, and in the case of Verino data meets to raja table, always that of surrounded by long black.

We will that chromatic innovations fair, and it is that firms prefer to bet on safe – these tones are those who are always sold, and more in male dress – and the chromatic Audacity left it for other purposes. Camel, Brown at multiple scales, raw, roasted and various gray some of them of titadas blue wear us once again the next winter. That Yes almost always in sets almost monocolor but to play with different scales.

As for cuts not find lot of innovation although if highlighted some paved subtly exaggerated in stylish blazers very much approaching the dinner jackets, which this time combined with stylised Swan turtlenecks. A look very 1970s which is updated to present day and is fit with pointy shoes and very sharp.

Straight costume of velvet, the key piece

The straight-cut swimsuit, in the part of above with American regular, both in the bottom, with ‘normal’ (its just width) leggings pants, it is the perfect pattern, and is that these forms tend to encourage everyone to almost all types of body, being it Silhouette most appropriate and safe, at least for Robert.

Few differences between trust you and the night, and is proposing a good Galician House dress for the day I do not understand of timming, if one goes well groomed early the outfit endures throughout the day. Outfits for the office would be well worth an afternoon cocktail. Practicality for the modern man.

The man is dressed in skins

Like other years stand out finishes and applique furriers in outerwear, a nod very Verino that almost every winter season, at least in the most recent has been repeated. Fox furry collars, fluffy and very flounces that they adorned overcoats, jackets and American, not suitable for the more discreet, I do not understand very well why, but personally I well I would put, you know that I am very pro-hairs.

My favorite part, East awesome fur coat mixed with hair in Brown Earth, roomy cut, silhouette straight and long row of buttons. I don’t know because I have not confirmed, but that could well be reversible. If not out there as well as suggestion.

As for accessories, the thing is more minimal than ever, nothing of details, not even saw belts, clean looks, relaxed and very courteous, but why not lose elegance and restraint. To highlight the fun wink with one of the last exits, that our top, Jon Kortajarena dress up set with a child pizpireto that looks the sea of good a total black look with majestic shelter to the purest style Yeti. Perhaps the most risky proposal.

As a note of beauty the hairs they are pretentiously natural and with dishevelled effects than in reality they are very skilled workers. To get the image, basic a good wax and of course a fixative spray that does not cake, is the movement.