Rights of the Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is not a disease. This is a phrase that is repeated many times, and quite rightly so. However, it is still a phase in the life of the woman where she and the baby have to be protected, so that everything goes well.

Postpartum Menstruation

But the rights of the pregnant woman are not limited to the benefits of accessibility and health.

There are many more who protect the mother at work, and in the future relationship with the child’s father. Know here some of the main rights of the pregnant woman.

Rights of pregnant women in health

During pregnancy, women are entitled to priority in medical care, whether in private or public institutions, to perform 6 free prenatal consultations at health clinics and free urine, blood pressure, blood and weight control exams.

No maternity or hospital can deny the pregnant woman the delivery. When it occurs, the pregnant woman is entitled to a companion in the room where a child is to be delivered.

Another important right for the pregnant woman is that the father has to pay the amount spent on consultations and exams.

Rights of pregnant women in employment

Unfortunately, there are a few cases of pregnant women who have lost their job or rights at this stage of life.

For this reason, the rights of pregnant women in employment are clear and can impose significant fines on those who fail to comply with them. Then know the main rights of pregnant women in employment:

– Maternity leave of 120 days, counting from the 8th month of pregnancy, without change of function or salary. This license may have 180 days in case of extended maternity leave.
– If you are unemployed, the pregnant woman is entitled to maternity wages.
– The pregnant woman is entitled to two 30-minute breaks during her working period to breastfeed her child during the initial months.
– Guarantee of stability in employment from the discovery of the pregnancy until 5 months after the birth.
– If you apply for admission to a company, the pregnant woman can not see this admission denied on the grounds that she is pregnant.
– The pregnant woman is entitled to waiver during working hours for a minimum of 6 medium consultations or examinations.
– In case of abortion, the pregnant woman is entitled to two weeks of rest.

Rights of the pregnant woman in the accessibility

The pregnant woman can enjoy preferential seats in collective transportation.

In many large commercial establishments, such as supermarkets, hypermarkets and malls, there are exclusive car seats for pregnant women.