Review: Shiseido Full Lash Volume Mascara

Since July, there is a new mascara from Shiseido to buy. The Full Lash Volume Mascara should be applied in any number of layers on top of each other until the desired volume is reached. And the whole thing without lump formation. I was able to try the mascara and was already very excited, because it is my first Shiseido mascara. Whether it is my current favorite mascara of Maybelline, which I have already bought after the water?

Shiseido Full Lash Volume Mascara

This is what Shiseido says:

The Full Lash Volume Mascara gives each individual eyelash a powerful volume and fan it out.
It can be applied in any desired number of layers on top of one another until the desired volume is reached without any lump formation.
The lashes remain silky soft and natural.

The mascara is available in black and brown.
Content / Price: 8ml for 29.99 €, available at Douglas
More information is available on the Shiseido homepage.

Full Expression Brush

In the case of an eyelash tush, of course, it is a good brush. Shiseido has therefore patented its new Full Expression Brush. The bristles are arranged instead of parallel, so that all eyelashes are grasped and at the same time well separated. The curved brush adapts ideally to the eyelash wreath.

This is what Shiseido says:

The brush, designed and patented in Japan, ensures that the
eyelashes are individually separated from each other and
wrapped up in the tips. The eyelashes fan out with lush volume
around the eye – for a 360° opening of the look.

3d Volume Enhancing Formula

Shiseido has developed the Black Luminous Pigment, which should increase the volume effect. It has a 100% smooth surface and can reflect the incident light optimally. This makes the color even more intense and concentrated. Since I prefer an intensive black mascara, I like this effect very well. The eyelashes simply look fuller and the eye more expressive. Especially since my unvarnished, bright eyelashes are almost invisible.

The lashes remain elastic even after the ink and do not harden, no matter how many layers you apply.


Top left:  Here you can see the unhappy truth! My bright and short eyelashes are as good as not visible. Therefore, for me, mascara simply belongs to it, even if I have only little time to make me. Here again the reference to my Beauty Essentials .

Top right: After a shift you can see very well, as the eyelashes are blackened in the tips.However, volume is still missing.

Bottom left: After at least two to three layers, the volume effect also becomes stronger.Nevertheless the result still looks beautiful naturally. Here you can really easily go over the brush several times without the eyelashes clumping too much. I like the result very well.

Bottom right: Even more powerful is the whole thing, if you blacken the upper eyelash wreath (Tightlining). Especially since my eyelashes are not quite so dense and also have gaps, I like to take advantage of this trick.

My Opinion

If you have long eyelashes, it is in my opinion not quite so difficult to find a good mascara.That’s why, like many other beauty bloggers, I used to have an eyelash cream before my pregnancy.Long eyelashes look more beautiful on AMU photos. With the pregnancy I have deposited the serum and meanwhile again my thin, short eyelashes as before. These are almost invisible.

Therefore, a good mascara is very important to me. With a deep black mascara the eyes get more expression. I like the fact that the Full Lash Volume Mascara is relatively liquid and gives good color. It is deep black and easy to apply. The curved brush separates the lashes quite well, but it also condenses. I need several shifts until I am satisfied with the result.However, thanks to the new formulation, nothing is clogged.

Very positive, I also find that the Shiseido mascara keeps all day without smearing. Even when we were struggling with the heat wave in Germany, she stayed on the spot.

How do you like me in direct comparison to the Maybelline Jade Lash Sensational Mascara? I like both Mascaras very well! The Maybelline makes slightly more dramatic eyelashes with more length, which is particularly suitable for evening make-ups. However, the Shiseido Mascara is used more frequently in everyday life, since the order is somewhat simpler and the result looks more natural. It is easier to clean off than the Maybelline Mascara, although both have a very good durability.