Review Of Megalite Tent, The Cheetah

In this review, we do the presentation and evaluation ofIntelligent Megalite Tent Lamp, a lamp stack, the Cheetah, is made in sturdy material. Is a light bulb to be used in camps or other nocturnal activities outdoors.

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Resistance: The Megalite is made in Abs + Polycarbonate (which are two very sturdy plastic types)
She’s not unbreakable but is very sturdy. You can quietly punch her in the bag with other things, you can let it fall on the floor that will not break.
The Cheetah discloses as a unbreakable product, which is not 100% true, if you hit with hammer on it will get broken, but this would be an atypical situation. For the common use and in camp or adventures she can handle the heat.

With regard to water, the lamp is super tough. We didn’t have (yet) the opportunity to camp out with her in the rain. But to test we put under the faucet and the shower and she resisted very well, functioning normally, not entered any ounce of water.It is very well sealed. Sure you can leave in the rain with total tranquility.

Lighting Power: 80 lumens
It’s hard to explain how much she brightens, but to facilitate let’s make a direct relationship with the bulbs we use at home on a daily basis: a 100-watt bulb is equivalent to 1600 lumens, a 60 watt lamp amounts to 800 lumens and a 40-watt bulb is equivalent to 450 lumens. That is the Tent lights 5 Megalite times less than a 40-watt bulb.

Her lighting really is not very strong. Is suitable to be used in a small, as in the bedroom, or in front of the tent. Don’t expect any spotlight, she can handle only simple and basic lighting.

The lighting is done by a Philips 3535, white Led.

Lighting time: With a normal AA battery in our tests it lasted 6 hours with good lighting. After that time she followed until 11 hours but with an increasingly weak lighting. This time can increase with an alkaline battery.
According to information of the brand it lasts 10 hours.

Lighting modes: She comes with two modes, normal and blink (SOS). Here’s how to turn the modes below in the “directions for use”.

Energy: The lamp works only with a AA battery.
Note: it does not come with a battery.

Size: 11 cm high by 6 wide (or diameter, since it is round).

Handle: It has a knob on the top that lets you tie her somewhere and even comes with a mini connector, making it easier to be arrested elsewhere.

Directions for use: Is extremely simple: to insert the battery unscrew the top (grey) and place the battery. To switch on press the green button. Pressing once switches on the lamp in normal mode, if you press again goes into flashing mode, if you press once again shuts down. Ready.

Intended use

As we mentioned before is an ideal lamp to be used inside the tent, or in front of the entrance, to Cook, chat with friends, play cards, play a guitar, these normal things we do in the camps, but that does not require great lighting.

Is an ideal lamp for standing and hanging in a fixed location and it does not replace a flashlight. It is worth mentioning that it provides a 360-degree light that is good for illuminating an environment in every way, unlike the lighting of a torch that is directed to a point only.

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Technical Data

Origin: Imported product
Value range: $50.00-70.00
Weight: 75 g with battery
Height: 11 cm
Width: 6 cm
Lighting: 80 lumens
Material: Abs + Polycarbonate
Accompanies: Mini carabiner
Does Not Follow: AA Battery

This product was provided by Mark Cheetah, but is not a sponsored Post since we here our most genuine opinion about the product, without any influence of the brand. Learn more about our policies on Reviews.