Review: Lipstick Purple Vult 62!

Hello, ladies! All right? In today’s post I will talk about my new passion: purple lipstick! Besides being super trendy, turned here in Brazil fever, I found out that suits all skin types and even color of makeup. See the make with bronze Orange and purple lipstick that the singer Ariana Grande used these days in a music award and was one of the most copied in recent times.

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I confess that I’ve always had a certain pet peeve with the color when I was blonde and even more so when I was a redhead, but when in doubt, I ended up buying the 62 color of Vult in Black Friday past (makes tempooo!!) and just now decided to use! Result: I fell in love with at the time.

As lip makeup, the lipstick is this photo here, can repair that is a hot shade of purple – reddish substance instead of blue–this nuance is best who has red hair like me or still in the dark. Already the blondes and Brunettes with wires that pull to the black look better with shades with bluish background.

The pigmentation is great: with a layer you already see the color, but the frosting is perfect with two layers-a tip to have the faithful color on the lips is putting the mouth with a little bit of concealer before applying. Already the texture is creamy and very dry and the durability is good because it is a “cheap of beauty“–on the first day I used I had lunch and the lipstick kept almost intact. I was in love with this lipstick and I use too much for the next few seasons.

Have you ever gambled on purple lipstick?

Photos: Fashion Frisson

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