Restructuring in TelefóNica: Digital Telephone Disappears

César Alierta will propose Wednesday several important changes both in the directive dome and the structure of Telefónica. According to the country, one of the most important consequences will be the disappearance of the Telefónica Digital division.

According to close sources quoted in that newspaper, the business unit of Telefónica Digital, created in 2011, It has not fulfilled the objectives with which the company launched it. Another consequence of this restructuring: José María Álvarez-Pallete, CEO of Telefónica, strengthens its position directive.
Telefónica simplification goes further: will also disappear the major corporate centers of Telefónica Latin America (Sao Paulo) and Telefónica Europe (London), which will combine its operations back into a corporate Center at the headquarters of the Spanish multinational.

This of course affects managers as Santiago Fernández valbuena, He had managed to turn Telefonica into the mobile market leader in Brazil and that Latin America is today the region which contributes most to the income of the company. Valbuena will become director of strategy.

According to El Pais, these measures they are just the first step in a restructuring process He seeks a simpler organization and a “greater globalization”. Changes in the dome, they claim in the journal, will be followed by “relay, transfers and appointments” in the second and third levels of the company.