Residential Lighting Without Errors

Designing the lighting of each environment may seem simple, but need to be considered carefully, because if done the wrong way can affect the actions of the everyday life of the residents and, of course, on account of light at the end of the month.

Below we list some tips on residential lighting to avoid the most common mistakes:

Lamp color:

A lot of people don’t care about the color of the lamp, but know that she plays a key role in the creation of environments. Is the color of the lamp that passes the impression if the environment is warmer or colder.

The colors are:

Warm white (yellow): Indicated for cozy environments, rest rooms, rooms like the waiting room among others.

Cold white (white): Indicated for environments where the activities are larger, such as kitchen, Office, service areas.

Entrance hall:

Lighting in lobby should not be strong, be a small environment. Must pass the impression of warmth, because it is the first environment to enter the House and the first impression.

LED downlight, LED and LED 111 AIR are examples of lamps that are used in lobby.


Lighting in stairs has the function of light the way. Very careful not to overshadow the eye of passers-by.

It is ideal to put a switch on the bottom of the stairs and another at the top.

LED spot is a great choice for lighting in lightinghowto. Can be used in light fixtures or recessed in the wall at the height of the step.


A lot of people don’t remember to do Bathroom lighting design is also very important. Wrong position of lamps can harm the environment.

The ideal are two points: one for general lighting and another point of light for illumination of the mirror.(But nothing prevents you from having more points of light).

LED Downlight, LED Bulb lamps and Spot LED are much used for bathroom lighting.

Remembering that LED lamps are:

Economic, and may even reduce–60% power;

-Have high durability of up to 50000 hours;

– Do not emit UV and IV;

-Recyclable, do not have heavy metals.