Remix OS 2.0 Beta Now Available: 32 Bits, HDD Installation, OTA and More News

The best version of Android for PC has already been with us more than two months since their creators launched its alpha version for only computers and 64-bit in a version that could only be installed in a USB, but this has changed today. As promised Jide, It is already available for download the first Remix OS 2.0 Beta.

Remix OS 2.0 Beta it comes full of new features and improvements. The first most important novelty is that now computers with processor of 32-bit You can already start Remix OS. The second important novelty is that now we can install Remix OS on the hard disk compatible with dual-boot, in order to have this along with our usual operating system Android-based operating system.

Other news from this first Remix OS 2.0 beta is coming the updates OTA so is the same system that download and install new versions. Comes UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) support to protect and accelerate the process of booting the operating system. Finally, there are more 50 bugs that have been resolved.

Download Remix OS 2.0 Beta

To download Remix OS 2.0 you only have to enter to your web page and download the version compatible with our PC, 64-bit or 32-bit. For the 32-bit version of time only available for download through your torrent. Once downloaded and unzipped, we have to use the Remix OS USB tool to record Remix OS on a USB of at least of 8 GB formated with FAT32. Once created our USB just we have to restart our PC to load the operating system from the USB.