Reelight RL770 Review

Fire bike before and continuous rear rack without battery RL770

This pair of lights is part of the new range of products from Reelight. The new power supply of these lights is very powerful and is powered by induction. Coupled with the new generation of optics of Reelight lights, this power supply and 1 WATT LED allow obtaining very good quality of 4 LUX lighting and a powerful beam. These lights are used to allow the rider to see the road on which it moves to allow the other user to the road to see the cyclist.

Both lights are powered by the power supply. This block produces electricity by the passage of the magnets of the wheel in front of the sensor of it. The current is generated by induction. The fire front and taillight light up continuously when you pedal. The lights will turn on in the first round of wheel. The rear light stays on continuously for 3 minutes when you stop using a capacitor. This allows the rider to stay visible by users who follow him even when it is stopped at a traffic light or a stop sign.

The installation of these lights is very simple according to WRITINGLES.COM. It requires an Allen wrench and a spanner available in the tool kit, and a cutter. The screw with nut is not provided to install the fire front on the fork. We offer this piece as an option.

The same model for installation of the taillight on seatpost is also available: RL771 fires. To learn more read the article on Citycle: how to choose his Reelight fire?