Read Sites Like Texts in an E-book Reader

The e-book readers will be spreading around the world gradually. First came the Amazon, with its Kindle – now he’s part to third version. The Apple, with its relatively e-book reader luxury iPad, continues to offer new products to market. And recently even Brazil’s Positivo introduced a product with similar functions.

What if I find a very large text, published on the Internet, and want to read like an e-book? If you need to read reports, academic papers, extensive reports or other more extensive textual content that is on the network, this tip is for you.

Readability is the name of the magic formula that turns ordinary pages, with the brand’s website, visual elements and other components that can be difficult to read, rather than contribute to it in texts fluids as if they were read on Kindle.

What Readability does is check what is true of text that is prop. Once it detects what content right on the page, do a cleaning and displays the text with the formatting you choose.

Access | Readability

To use Readability, we first need to configure it. So enter the service page and start playing with the possible settings. Below I explain each of them. Note that, under settings, there is a viewer in real time how the texts will be presented.

Style (Style). Your wish is that the text is similar to that of a newspaper or an e-book? Only black and white or with different colors? Select each of the options in the column Style until you find the one that best pleases you.

Size (Size). Texts more extensive typically require larger fonts, even to avoid eyestrain. Again, the ideal is that you test each of the options to choose the one that best suits you.

Margin (Margin). Basically, lets you adjust the size of the text column. The higher it is, the more your eyes need to move in the column. The smaller, more lines text will. So, decide that it pleases you!

The Readability settings are already the way you want? Note that under item 2 there is a silver button that read the service name. Let the step-by-step instructions for each of the browsers.

  • Mozilla Firefox – Click the button and drag it to your browser’s bookmarks bar.
  • Google Chrome – Click the button and drag it to your browser’s bookmarks bar.
  • Internet Explorer – Click the right mouse button on the Readability button and select Add to Favorites. Then confirm that you really want to add it and select the folder where the favorite will be. The recommended is to save it in your browser’s bookmarks bar.
  • Opera – Press SHIFT, then click the button and drag it to any corner of the browser interface.

Then, trigger the Readability is very easy: simply click on his button, created on the bookmarks bar of your preferred browser. Once pressed, the main content of the page is displayed according to the settings you selected previously.

He noticed that Safari does not appear in the tutorial? The reason for this is the browser already have so Reader, which can be activated in the address bar, a button next to him who reloaded the page (on sites where the feature is available).

And that’s it. Happy surfing!

Tip submitted by Rafael Luik player. Thanks, Rafael!

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