Rdio Launches Vdio, a Shopping Service and Movie Rentals

Rdio today introduced its new video service: the Vdio is the youngest competitor of Amazon, iTunes Store and Google Play in the sale of online movies. At first, the Vdio is only available for Rdio subscribers in the US and UK, but it should arrive in Brazil very soon.

Unlike his musical brother, Vdio (no “stray”, ok? If pronounced “video”) does not offer subscription service, monthly payment or access to a series and movie library. At least not yet. Basically, there is nothing different from most selling video services only social function that Rdio has – you can create movie playlists and series, see what your friends are watching and … that’s all right, folks.

The biggest problem Vdio, and the lack of a service a la Netflix subscription, is that it comes a little late in the current market selling content. Currently, the main players of the market are investing in own content to attract users, such as Netflix, or exclusivity in TV series, if Amazon. There are not many ways to watch the videos, only for the iPad and the web. It is difficult even to watch TV in the living room if you do not have an Apple TV or an HDMI cable left.

The Vdio is available initially only in the US and UK. For Rdio subscribers in these countries, Rdio gave a $ 25 credit to spend.

It’s in Brazil?

Sources our site say Rdio hired translators to adapt the service to Brazil, then it is likely that the Vdio not delay to give the guys out here. The screenshot below shows the location Vdio system – which is the same used by Rdio: