Ray Ban Eyeglasses – Models, Prices

The Ray Ban sunglasses are renowned all over the world. They mean beauty, durability and functionality. The lenses are manufactured exclusively to protect the eyes from ultraviolet and infrared rays, and the frames have striking designs.

The first model created was the Aviator, in 1937, as a suggestion of Lieutenant McCready, who had his eyes irritated by luminosity, even wearing sunglasses, he took the idea to the American manufacturer of Bausch & Lomb eye products, which accepted the proposal to make beautiful and sunglasses that protect the sights like the sun glasses reflected the Sun’s rays, the brand name was created from your function: Ray (Ray) Ban (ban).

Thus was born the Aviator who, at first, was only used by aviators. In World War II, became famous and started to be purchased also by ordinary consumers, becoming a fever. Who doesn’t remember Sylvester Stallone using this model in the movie Cobra?

In the years 50, another icon of the Ray Ban would be created by designer Raymond Stegeman, Ray Ban Wayfarer, one of the first models made with plastic frame. He was inspired by the backs of cars of the time, the tails of fish, to make the design of glasses so famous. At first, the template was made for pilots, however, fell in like Hollywood stars, making it famous worldwide. Until today, these two models are on the market for the delight of nostalgic.

According to SUNGLASSESTRACKER.com, currently the Ray Ban is controlled by Luxottica, an Italian manufacturer. For those who need to wear eyeglasses, Ray Ban has a specific line of frames for grade lenses. To continue in your line of unique designs that follow the fashion of each generation, the models are very varied. There are many different colors and shapes of frames. The important thing is that the quality recognized worldwide brand Ray Ban’s on them, as well as your elegance and your own style.

The frames are made of titanium or metal and are very light, adapting easily to any type of face. However, when buying a frame, it is necessary to pay attention to the shape of your face, or she can leave it longer, wider or fatter than you’d like.

People with square faces have a broad forehead and protruding jaw. Therefore, to soften those hard contours, the perfect frame has rounded contours. The model Aviator is formidable in that kind of face.

For anyone who has the round face, i.e. the foreheads and cheeks are rounded, you must use square or glasses with straight lines to balance these characteristics. The light tones help to give balance to the round face.

When the forehead is wide and thin Chin, the drawing of the face is triangular. Then, the narrow models should be used in order to give the illusion of chin augmentation.

The more harmonious face is oval, which has the forehead and Chin of the same width. Therefore, all types of frame combine with him.

The glasses also passing the personality of the person. So colorful frames are suitable for people happy and relaxed while the neutral color show a more serious person. Large frames show the desire to appear extravagant person and small, the desire to hide by shyness.

As was stated earlier, there are several models of frames for prescription glasses Ray Ban. So, take your pick. Below, we give some tips with their prices.

The Ray Ban eyeglasses show your style, your personality and your good taste. The unique designs of Ray Ban will value what you have more beautiful in your face and hide small defects. As the eyeglasses are true daily companions, it is worth spending a little to reward quality, style and durability. So, choose the prescription glasses Ray Ban.