Raindrop Chess Online

Chess pieces that raindrops falling on the Board. Self-selected field, but according to the rules of chess. The order of the new cards also determines the order in which the pieces are placed. Thus, each time creating a different starting lineup. If your King of the Board have cropped up, it really starts, and you can also go to move your pieces. It is in a nutshell, is the idea of Raindropchess.

Raindropchess is for sale as an upgrade on your own chess

Many people have a chessboard and chess pieces. Therefore, there is a supplementary statement for sales with the addition of Raindropchess necessary set of playing cards and eight PROMOTIONAL pieces: for white and black a Queen, a rook, a runner and a horse. For each color, there are 16 cards with the King, pawns and other chess pieces. To put all the chess pieces and promotional pieces neatly down a special mat included.
Promotional pieces should be used when there is a farmer. It can therefore only four farmers PhD. Fifth and next pawns reaches the back row in place, as one of the promotional pieces already had struck again. Both regular chess pieces as advertising pieces, but once placed on the table. PROMOTIONAL pieces for white is light blue in color, black and they are dark blue.
If you do not yet own chess, you can buy a complete set of playing cards and promotional items is also a chess board with regular chess pieces.

The maps show the chess pieces mixed

First, the cards are shuffled containing chess pieces. The sequence generated in this way will help to determine how the game will play out.

Take turns to turn white and black card, and place a chess piece on the table

The game starts with an empty chess board. Take turns to turn white and black one card from his pile and put the piece as written on the Board. You can choose where you place the piece, but you have the usual rules of chess note.
When the Bishop determines the black or white spot on the map of it on a white where it should be placed a black field.
Farmers will be white on the 2nd until 6th row is placed, that is black on the 7th to the 3rd row.

A map drawn by the King? Starting with the next turn, you can also move the pieces!

If you turn off the playing cards with the King does this on the Board, but in a place where he is not in check.
Starting with the next turn, you can then choose if you want to flip a card or a piece that has moved on the Board.
When the last card is turned, then must, of course, just the pieces to be moved.
If your opponent before you did the King on the table so that you are in a bit of a disadvantage because you have no pieces can move.

Lifting of chess can also be a card to run

If you are in chess can obviously resist the King, striking attacks play or put your own piece between the King and attack the enemy piece.
A further possibility is that if you have not turned over all the cards. You can then play it on closed cards are placed between the King and the attacking piece. The risk is that you possibly can take a piece that is not familiar with can be like a runner of the wrong color or a farmer may not be placed on the requested line. If it happens to you, you cannot cancel the check and allow your carpet.

When the Raindropchess-chess last?

Just like a regular game of chess game is over when one of the parties a checkmate. Of course, if there is a tie, for example because there is no pat set.

Also less good chess players now have a chance to play chess

Because by turning the card chance plays a role in Raindropchess is less good chess players have not lost in advance. The lack of knowledge of chess openings is not a big problem anymore. Experience shows that it is young and inexperienced players will have even more fun in check.