Quitbit, Lighter Than Tea Help to Quit Smoking

In addition to the existing anti-smoking campaign in Spain, technology presents several initiatives to assist in the abandonment of the cigarette. Today we present Quitbit, The igniter that will help you to quit smoking, incorporating functions of quantification.

Quitbit It is a new project that seeks funding and if well presents itself as a simple lighter via Bridgat, has a screen which shows that it is also a gadget It aims to help us in the process of leaving tobacco.

On the small screen of the lighter we can see how long ago that we didn’t use it to light a cigarette, as well as how many have been smoked so far of the day.

Of course, these data charge value when you are associated with a mobile application that displays statistics at the time about the cigarettes smoked daily, the moments that are smoked, achievements according to established and other goals that contribute to the process of quit smoking.

On the other hand, Quitbit has its social function, Since we can share our progress and to challenge friends / classmates on social networks as well as between the users of the platform.

Quitbit It promises a range of one week, after which we can recharge easily and is connected to our smartphone via Bluetooth.

The proposal seems very interesting, especially because it is always recommended to quit smoking post the cigarette we smoke every day, having the support of your friends, family or colleagues and also, identify the moments in which we smoke more to be able to stop them successfully, everything which permitted by Quitbit with the help of technology.

The project, as we have said, you are looking for funding and if you manage to hit the market next year will allow us to buy the gadget for $149, but today, we can get the lighter that helps quit smoking by 69 dollars.