Questions about Push up Bikini

People like to play in the water on a hot day. The perfect swimwear must bring concentrated competence: they should be sexy, but not scantily clad; airy and light, but not transparent in the water; great decorated, but not emerging under the T-Shirt.

Push-up bikinis are designed through bridgat with various shapes and styles. But they should also provide the basic function like support, shape, and round up. Just as the name implies, this kind of bikini can push up the bust size, especially on the beach.

You can find some useful information about push-up bikini here:

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-What colors make your complexion shine?
-What materials do you like?
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Questions about Push up Bikini

It is important to measure yourself before buying a push-up bikini.

Stand on the floor, put a measuring tape tight at the highest point of the breast around the body and measure the circumference of your bust.

• Then measure the circumference directly below your bust during inhalation.

• Check the size chart for underwear and swimwear, you can now determine the correct size for your bikini.

• If you would like to measure your old bikini, pay attention to the following instruction. The footbridge between the cups should be flat and not desist or bend upwards. Also the hem above the underwire should be close to the skin. You can adjust the straps with the buckle. A rule of thumb for the tightness is that two fingers can slide easily under the straps. Moreover, you’d better put the fabric elasticity into consideration because the bikini will become loose by wearing and washing.