Quechua 5 Phone, Analysis

Today we bring you a touchdown, first analysis, with the Android smartphone that sells the multinational Decathlon in its sports shops and arrives as a tough smartphone prepared for adversities of the mountain.

We saw how Quechua 5 Phone It was resistant to splashes of water falls and now we analyze common aspects within the segment of Android smartphones. It has a large 3500 mAh Li-ion internal battery that promises a great autonomy while the other features fall into a range bag half blooded.

Quechua 5 Phone, specifications and design

Quechua is a smartphone that is clearly focused on mountain activities due its rubbery and resistant fall finish as well as IP54 certification that promises resistance to dust and splash water (rain).

These protections come in the form of a prominent housing with large dimensions and weight that make the terminal a device for special occasions as weekend mountain getaways and away from being a comfortable terminal for every day, we talk about a quarter of a kilo of weight. Having said that we went to the same specifications:

Quechua 5 Phone: specifications
Screen 5 inch, 350 cd/m2, Dragon Trail Protection IPS
Resolution WVGA 800 x 480 pixels, 186ppp
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 200
MSM8225Q: Quad-core 1.2 GHz (Cortex A5)
Graphics processor Adreno 203
Memory 4 GB + microSD
Version Android 4.1.2
Connectivity and sensors Wireless 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth, GPS, barometer
Expansion ports MicroSD, MicroUSB
Cameras Front: 2 Mpx / rear: 5 Mpx
Dimensions 151 x 82 x 12 mm
Weight 250 grams
Battery 3500 mAh Li-ion battery
Access to Google Play Yes, series
Price 229,95 EUR

As you can see we are before a terminal of large dimensions with a large battery and a technical specification which be one terminal mid-range due, among others, to the SoC elected to screen resolution, which despite having 5 inches, remains at only 800 x 480 pixels.

LG G2 (5.2 inches) vs Quechua Phone (5 inch)

It is a large smartphone, has a finished Gummy that has a color between military green and gray with touches and details in red as on the side of the camera or the speaker Grill and silver such as volume, the rear buttons with the Quechua or the power button logo.

MicroSIM and microSD slots are hidden on the left side of the terminal under a lid that helps that not between dust at the terminal and to maintain the same watertight against splashes and rain.

The same happens with the connectors minijack and microUSB, located at the top under another cover.

Screen, the more loose the terminal point

Terminal Quechua 5 Phone mounted a 5-inch screen which is what is announced to great fanfare in its box and specifications as a characteristic of great claim.

However, when using it we realize its shortcomings. It is not a screen with IPS panel or similar, has some viewing angles pretty reduced compared to other smartphones in this price range.

It is a screen which also has a slow soft drink, to the point that it shows some ghosting When using it.

A slight trail of objects to move through the screens can be seen.

Decathlon says in terms of technical characteristics of the screen: 5 inch screen, resolution of 840 x 480 pixels. Viewing angle of 83°, improved backlight (350 cd/m² minimum) for excellent visibility in bright sunlight. We have seen how in full sun can work with it without problems, environment for which it is designed.

Viewing angle of the screen


As discussed above this terminal mounted Qualcomm Snapdragon chip quad – core 1.2 GHz (Cortex A5) with 203 Adreno GPU with 1 GB of RAM. I.e., we have an input range with claims to be midrange chip.

Performance tests do not have surprised, in fact, this terminal greatly reminiscent of Archos 50 Platinum that smartphone as reviewed in its day.

Archos 50 Platinum: performance
AnTuTu X 10.754 points
Quadrant 4.407 points
3DMark Ice Storm: 3.283
Ice Storm Extreme: 1.787
Ice Storm Unlimited: 2.925
EPIC Citadel 18.6 FPS @ 800 x 480, Ultra High Quality
29.9 FPS @ 800 x 480, High Quality
31.7 FPS @ 800 x 480, High Performance
BenchmarkPI 543 milliseconds, since #24252

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Software and camera

The Quechua Phone terminal 5 “works on Android 4.1.2 and comes with a very austere version without frills or interfaces in Android itself. It is a version that follows the original line and that many users like for its simplicity while others prefer alternative “more beautiful”.

Being a terminal focused on mountain and with specific hardware as a barometer / altimeter is to be expected that the terminal comes with software to take advantage of it, but nothing is further from reality. We have a smartphone with access to Google Play and basic Android applications.

Would be nice detail have preinstalled GPS tracking application to manage the routes to the mountain or a simple application that shows us the height / pressure that we are. All this lies in the part of the user you will need to download and configure them for yourself.

About the camera we cannot say anything bad to be a 5 megapixel with autofocus and LED flash camera. Being in the mountain lighting situation will be in most cases good reason why, in that environment, unfolds with ease. When it comes to taking photos at night or indoors with low light things change similar to any range of average current Android.

We we miss another application that would give added value to the terminal. Since we are going to go to the mountain and have a smartphone with a huge battery, why not offer the user the ability to record time-lapses?

I.e., capture time and play them finally as a video. In this way could be offered both good views of mountains, sunsets and sunrises, until an overview in a short video of the route that you’ve done in format first-person view (to the Google Street View).

Autonomy, the strong point of the terminal

Battery comprising Quechua Phone is the biggest market in 3,500 mAh capacity, and it is capable of delivering up to 22 hours in conversation, Yes, there are still manufacturers thus measuring autonomy.

We have seen that with normal use of user while you’re on the mountain you can endure a full weekend from Friday to Sunday without any problems.

Consumption of the terminal at rest is very small although if we do intensive GPS / altimeter / barometer will see how autonomy will be considerably lower, touching the day.


It is a terminal with a clear focus. Physical characteristics like size and weight almost discarded it for daily use and technical specifications place it in the lower part of the middle range of today day.

It is a terminal recommended for its resistance to falls, humidity and splashes of water, something that other terminals does not tolerate as well and well, there already each have to consider whether this type of activity for you is worth take your smartphone and the high risk involved in either Quechua 5 Phone “and forgotten as well as Chargers or external batteries.

In favour

  • Resistance to shock
  • Splash resistance
  • Altimeter / barometer
  • Autonomy


  • Very large size
  • High weight
  • Very basic software
  • Screen, resolution and quality

The phone has been granted for tests by Decathlon. You can consult our policy of relations with companies