Qualcomm Mirasol Prepares for His Jump to Smartphones

A few months ago, when we got to try the smartwatch Qualcomm Toq, many us awe of it rather than running the new Mirasol display developed by the well-known manufacturer of hardware.

The screen used by Qualcomm technology was designed specifically for respond well outside and consume a minimum of energy, What about e-ink screens but with a panel full color and a soft drink more like a conventional smartphone screen.

Mirasol is a perfectly valid technology for wearables, and is that such devices are very penalized by their autonomy, and also its use will be in any condition, still important to keep a good level of response in full light of the Sun.

However, it seems that the evolution of Qualcomm focuses towards the usefulness of Mirasol on smartphones, as the American manufacturer has submitted at SID Display Week a panel Mirasol of 5.1 inches with resolution QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels).

As we see, the density of pixels per inch climbs to the 577 in the new panel of Qualcomm, surpassing even the 548 ppp of the LG G3, which mounts a QHD display of 5.5 inch.

Shown that the technology used by Americans is called Single Mirror IMOD, and various graphics that illustrate the functioning of a screen that, despite everything have been released, continues to suffer when it comes to display vivid colors and more saturated.

We will see what can offer Qualcomm in future with Mirasol panels, because the thing promises and seem to be going in the right direction.