Put a tablet in your life, a device useful for everyone

It seems that it was yesterday when Apple introduced the iPad, but the truth is that four years have already passed. It was not the first tablet, but the model that started to become popular in this category. Since then it has become one member of our technological family as the smartphone or computer.

Now, some them there is still some doubt of what we can do with a tablet. We think that it is not for us, but the truth is that it is very easy to find you a use that fits our lifestyle. Would you like us to help you with some reasons? Keep reading this post.

To work, the tool and the perfect complement

Many times it is thought that a tablet is to have fun. The truth is that fulfills that purpose but it is not the only thing we can do with it. We can also work and get out in our day to day in the office. Here the best option is without a doubt Windows 8.

We can use Office or any Microsoft operating system application without any problem and with the addition be a touch screen. From tasks such as taking notes, prepare presentations or have our spreadsheets, the tablet has no limitations in this aspect, but here the choice of operating system is key.

There are applications to work on iOS and Android, with some fantastic office suites, but who here takes the cat to the water are tablets like the Surface 2. In some cases it will not replace conventional computer but if we get out, it is a perfect tool to improve our productivity.

A tablet to entertain

Without a doubt, use star and best known to the tablets: be an entertainment device. Over time, has been created a catalogue of games that has nothing to envy, in quantity, to the consoles of all life. From simple games to fairly complete titles. Until the kids can play.

There is much to choose from, free or paid. However, not everything will be play to entertain, we can read our social networks and communicate with our friends without opening the computer. From the comfort of the sofa or in bed late.

It’s fun, it’s not intrusive (we can do other things at the same time) and will save us having to be carrying the laptop with us. It takes up little space and not only we can use it at home with the Wi-Fi network but also in the street with contents without connection or a SIM data card permitting our tablet.

A tablet to see our series and favorite movies

Another of the most used and useful a Tablet uses: see series and movies. There are many ways to do it: either loading the memory with a handful of videos or using the streaming services like Wuaki TV or Filmin, featuring exclusive apps and a fairly complete catalog. We can also watch live TV.

Do you want to see on the tablet? No problem, there are many models that already offer a resolution and excellent image quality. Another more common option is to connect it to the TV, wirelessly thanks to Miracast and WiFi Direct or by using an HDMI connector. Things such as: there is nothing quite like seeing it on the big screen in the living room.

A tablet for everything else

Sounds like a vague title but it is the truth: there are applications for all applications that we imagine. Do cooking while we have the tablet on the counter as if it were a book of recipes? Yes. To follow our favorite sports? Also. If we imagine it, is there an application for us.

If you are looking for a tablet, this is the perfect time to get one at the best price in El Corte Ingles, we recommend the following models:

  • iPad Mini Retina, if we are looking for a small tablet but with a large screen.
  • Lenovo Yoga Tablet, if we want a convertible tablet for use in many ways.
  • Microsoft Surface 2 Pro, if you want a tablet for work.
  • HP Slate Plus 7, a small tablet for use at home.