Push up Vintage Swimwear

The push-up bikini will push as the name implies. The bust is pressed upwards and is visually larger and rounder. Therefore, the push-up bikinis are especially beneficial for small breast like A to B Cup. Most of the push-up bikini will add your size up to two cup.

But also for curved C – and even D – up E basket, the push bikini is suitable to stabilize the large chest. This relieves the back and gives form. However, a little push up effect ranges with a larger bust size.

Padded cups: the crucial difference

The special feature of push-up bikinis in comparison to normal swimwear is the padded cups. Similar to the push-up bra, the pads and additional reinforcements underneath the breast conjure up such a beautiful neckline.

Push up Vintage Swimwear

Pads with special reinforcements can provide better performance than the regular ones. Thanks to the oval form and extending outward, the reinforcing pads not only push the chest upwards, but also enhance the cleavage. The push-up bikini bra at internetages gives you a little extra lift for comfort and a seamless look.