Products For Men: Visibly Clear From Neutrogena

From now on, we will present a new product every week that we test ourselves and check for suitability. And this of course completely independent!
The beginning of this week is “Visibly Clear 2-in-1” from Neutrogena.

The product can be used as a daily cleansing gel or as a mask. I myself have come across my friend who regularly uses the product.And then I thought to myself “why would not it be as good for me as for my dear?”. -You have to say that I had never used a mask before and that was new to me. But already after the first application I was very positively surprised. But first things first…

If the product is used for daily cleaning, it helps to remove dirt and grease, thus reducing and preventing skin contamination. For this, a small amount is massaged on the moistened face and then rinsed thoroughly. The eye area should be spared. Then apply a simple daily cream.

The Mask
The same product can also be used as a 5 minute mask. For this, one simply takes a quantity corresponding to the face and distributes it on the dry face (cut out the eye part). You can already see after a few seconds that the mask starts to work. After 5 minutes exposure you should wash them off thoroughly.

The cleaning variant is quite nice, but not essential for me! I wash my face mostly only with clear water, as many soaps the face skin too dry out. There are certainly better products for this application.
The mask, on the other hand, convinced me completely. Man (n) immediately senses how the mask refreshes and cleanses the facial skin. The skin texture appears more even, smoother and fresher.Even if the mask is certainly not a product for every man, I can only recommend it once! Also, man should not do that every day, but only 1-2x a week.
“Visibly Clear 2-in-1” from Neutrogena can be found in most stores in the “women’s department”, but this does not mean that it is not suitable for the male skin. The price for 150ml is about 5.50€. From me a clear purchase recommendation, to try it at least once!