ProAc Tablet Anniversary in the Test

A small monitor might actually not work on tubes. The ProAc tablet doesn’t mind and sounds good even with strong tube amplifiers.

Small monitors like the legendary LS3/5a BBC Monitor you? rften after old doctrine work due to their rather modest efficiency of tubes. Nevertheless, many high-Ender dared such a combination with great success. The technical reason is often high and gutmu? though not especially loud, unlike mutual impedance curve, the tubes? can operate r-but largely stress-free. This applies also fu? r that ju? longest incarnation of the legend of the small monitor ProAc Tablet, the as real 6-ohm-box was constructed.

Technically, it has only the concept with the Ancestors of the small monitor common, chassis and crossover concept are thoroughly modern. So the bass membrane measured by only 11 centimeters of reinforced Kevlar due to reflex-Unterstu provides? chemistry fu? r very deep bass and the 19 silk dome with wholeheartedly? giger Moss rubber damping fu? r an outstanding omnidirectional for reduced edge reflections.

Hearing test

Grew in the room the ProAc u? ber, and serve a u? BER Board end detail and Klangfu? lle, the album “Jazz for Japan” also a surprisingly solid bass Foundation and good sense fu? rs timing.

The amp should not be too weak: the Cayin domesticated but their slightly tangy thermal and spatial resolution, sounded as well as dynamic passages mu? de. She perfectly harmonised in Wagner’s with the octave, “Walku? re” (Gergiev) a big orchestral Fireworks to? ND knew, so that the listeners home with eyes closed in the concert hall.