Printed Wing Chains By Digital Noise

The printed chains by Jasmina Jovy Jewellery from the collection» «seem noise digital to come from a futuristic era of science fiction films. Archaic on one side-through the use of cool metal and oversized shapes-futuristic on the other side by digital techniques that were used for the production. Also the photographic display accesses that the futuristic digital element of the wing chains and the model in a cool light illuminated background.

All printed wing necklaces by Jasmina Jovy Jewellery become 3-dimensional objects by wearing and the body movement of 2-dimensional patterns awakened. Gem solves the rigid boundaries between fashion and jewelry and moves with the printed patterns exactly in the space between of the categorization.

The patterns are on hand to ensure that the worn and moving wing chains are transferred in an uncontrolled noise. Digital noise-on English digital noise-is created by various digital production techniques and provoked a very good-looking uneasiness at very graphically-acting forms.

An intangible concept is materialized, a digital State is out of A piece of jewelry can hardly be contradictory and therefore more exciting.

Printed Leaf Necklace» The Oval «From The Collection» Digital Noise»

The necklace forming an oval as a base form and consists of 12 different loose chains. The single wing chains grow outwards from the inside of the oval and become longer. So they make similar rings, which probably arranged around the neck of the wearer are laid or can form a disorganized formation of metal strip tree bark.

The printed wing chains create digital noise but only through the computer-generated pattern, which is applied with a special printing process on the metal and moved so the necklace to noise.