Prices and Conditions of The New Model of Subsidies for Customers Vodafone: HTC One X and One S among Others

We have seen what has happened to Movistar after stop subsidizing mobile to new customers and hope that Vodafone It will have similar results in April as the net loss of lines on portability while the operator will attempt to keep better to its already customers to curb the loss of lines that leave to another operator for a new mobile and thus balance something net results after the decline expected by the incoming portability that already will not leave of “ give ” mobile.

Vodafone wants to continue subsidizing phones to their existing customers to make more attractive to stay before to switch to another operator such as Orange and Yoigo. will they get it? To do this, Vodafone presents two new options to renew stay mobile so that you can choose which most interests you for each of your lines:

Renew with points to maintain freedom of exchange rates

Points programme is replaced by the new Renewed points that reduces the steps of points to five different possibilities for every terminal with euros + points.

For users who want to keep freedom to change rate anytime during the stay of 24 months, may use the available points every 12 months or every 6 months if you are a gold customer, or whenever you need if you are a Platinum or diamond and have enough points.

If you have tenure and want or need to change mobile, also will have access to the prices of Mobile no permanence which are offered to new high and portability with the possibility to facilitate payment with financing and lower it with the delivery of mobile used through the Re-estrena program.

Renew with advantages if you remain with the same rate 24 months

If you think that your consumption habits will not change in the future and you are comfortable with some of the rates by size of Vodafone, you can sign permanence at the rate at the time you renew mobile and get better prices. The conditions of access to renew with advantages they are as follows:

  • Be a Vodafone customer with at least one year old.
  • Sign 24 months spent in Vodafone and in equal or higher monthly fee.
  • Stay two months or less to end the current permanence by grant from terminal except if you are client diamond or permanence by discount rate (SIM Only), which can renew stay six months before completing it (although it would lose 15% discounts on share SIM Only).
  • Although the price depends on the rate, changing mobile mean that points are again counting from zero.

If you decide not to renew mobile and has completed the commitment to stay, you can activate discount of 15% in the fee of the service Carving for less (SIM Only) in Exchange for a stay in 12 months Vodafone.

HTC new prices One X, HTC One S, Blackberry Curve 9320 and LG Optimus L3 with Vodafone

If you have any problems viewing the prices, you can also consult them from here.

Throughout the day we will consolidate as prices of other smartphones already available on Vodafone, featured are the penalties to cancel a contract and the conditions of funding of devices.