Prepaid Plans: Straightforward Phoning, Texting and Surfing

Looking for a mobile plan on credit basis? Then take a look in the fare calculator from our site. There you will find the prepaid offers of the providers that enable mobile phone without contract and fixed monthly costs. Simply click more filters in the left column of the calculator and select the option prepaid contract menu. No matter, you should also select as data volume. Connecting, click rates compare.

Prepaid tariff with free high speed Internet

Tariff of blue, is interesting for example of the 9 cents the you classic with the help of top-up cards, which you will find in many kiosks and gas stations, with credit. There is also an option for automatic charging, thus the cost control can lost but again a bit far. You pay 9 cents per minute and SMS.

The special feature of this tariff: per month, there are 10 megabytes inclusive volume for the mobile Internet free. It’s not much though, is enough for many text messages via whatsapp. But beware: Each megabyte, that goes beyond, charged the balances with 24 cents. You pay once 9,99 Euro for the SIM card, there are but equal to 10 euro starting credit.

To the 9-cents fare offer by blue

Only 8 cents per minute

The tariff increase of Discotel is still slightly cheaper: Here you will pay 8 cents per conversation minute and SMS. An inclusive volume is not included but, Internet costs 49 cents per megabyte from the outset. This offer is suitable only for voice calls and SMS. But, for example, 200 megabytes for 4.95 euros can be this book, this option can be cancelled after a minimum period of 1 month every day to the end of the month. You should not forget that if you need the included volume for example only for 1 month.

The SIM card costs 9.99 euros in Discotel once, however, there is an instant bonus in amount of 5 euros, as well as in the first, second and third month 15 euros each (only redeemable per each month). Who uses so 3 months Discotel, receives in total 50 euro bonus.

The 8 cents fare offer by Discotel plus

Inclusive volume book flexible

For all users who want to avoid fixed costs or by a provider receive no term contract for the most diverse reasons, prepaid plans are the ideal solution, yet mobile to make calls and text.

Who is also dependent on mobile Internet, can for many prepaid plans several surf packages with different high volume of included book and the monthly flexibly. You find out which provider allows this and what costs it will on you, also about calculator. Simply select the option that you want as the data volume, already receive a matching selection of tariffs.