Pregorexia: Disorder That Aches Pregnant Women

The term pregorexia is the result of the junction of the words pregnant, which means pregnant in English and anorexia. This name came to describe a disorder that causes pregnant women to become obsessed with the lean body.

Pregorexia Disorder That Aches Pregnant Women

Pregnant women always run the risk of going through various physical and mental problems, because there are many changes that occur with their bodies and minds.

Like women who are not expecting babies, pregnant women spend all day thinking about various things that can lead them to have more happiness or sadness and even a disorder like pregorexia.

What is pregorexia?

Although the anorexia disease is well known in science, the problem of this disorder in pregnancy is still poorly studied.

The gestation period is usually a protective factor for the disorder, that is, in the months of pregnancy women usually improve the picture of anorexia, this means that few pregnant women develop pregorexia.

Women who suffer from pregorexia often invest in calorie-restricted diets and practice many physical exercises to keep them from getting fat.

This disorder usually attacks, especially, women who love to have their bodies in shape.

Experts say that everything that is done in excess is bad in pregnancy, because the pregnant woman can feed poorly and become malnourished, or overeating and fattening her and the baby, or else not eat and exercise too much in the case of women with pregorexia.

The disorder

Pregorexia affects women who are predisposed to eating disorders, such as those who have had the problem at some point in their lives, or those who are pregnant with distorted body perceptions, that is, they are fat, but in reality they are thin.

This disorder in pregnancy is very rare, not even doctors classify pregorexia as a disease.

According to psychiatrists, when the woman is suffering from pregorexia, the family perceives it.

Symptoms of pregorexia

The main symptoms of pregorexia are: obsession with physical shape, fat phobia and fear of getting fat, even though you know you need to gain a few pounds in pregnancy.

When realizing this disorder, the pregnant woman should seek the advice of a nutritionist, therapist and psychiatrist who has experience in pregnant women.

The treatment revolves around the acceptance of the body so that the pregnant woman understands that what is happening to her body is not the end of the world but the beginning of a new phase.

So if you are suffering from pregorexia, or know someone who is having symptoms of this disorder, see a doctor right away. So all pregnant women should take care of their health to ensure the proper development of their baby.