Practical Tips To Clean Bijoux And Semi-Joias

So you find that biju or semi-joia beautiful, want to use always, but realize after a while she became darkened or with dirty looks. Who never went through a situation like that? It is common to see this happen and, even, ever happened to me. However, I didn’t have to put aside my favorite accessories because I knew super tips practices to clean them. In this post I decided to share some ways to take care of the parts so that they last much more. Check out!

How To Take Care Of Your Jewelry And Semi-Joia

Before you know it they are darkened or dirty, the watch makes the pieces last more. Some actions make all the difference in these hours, as for example:

To go to the beach, choose those pieces that don’t have many parts metallic. Direct contact with salt water and sand beach salinizada also can oxidize your biju or semi-joia and let her darkened.Bracelets with beads and necklaces with pendant wood, for example, is a wonderful and charming option for this moment.

Beyond the sea water, other types of liquids also affect the durability and appearance of your jewelry. Avoid, for example, pass in the area where the perfume jewelry will be; also take time to take a bath and when you need to mess with chemicals.

Have a purse or bag -velvet-preference to keep all its bijoux and semi-joias. The friction between them also darkens, scratches and age your parts faster. If you do not have to make them in separate containers, can organize in drawers or boxes with dividers.

Also avoid leaving your parts stored in places with a lot of moisture and very clear. The best environment is that in low light and dry.

If still, taking all precautions above their jewelry and semi-joias present darkened appearance and stains, you can clean them without any special product.

How To Clean Your Semi-Joias And Jewelry

Here are some homemade ‘ recipes ‘ and practices to clean your semi-joias and jewelry.


Only with a flannel you can Polish your bracelets and anklets,necklaces, earrings, rings and other metallic parts. You don’t have to use any product and it is imperative that the flannel is dry. Simply rub for 1 minute or 2 and see the result.


This is like those recipes of grandmother who always work out. The toothpaste as well as being efficient for your oral health gives shine and get stains of their jewelry and semi-joias. You will need just the same amount of folder to use for brushing teeth, a soft bristle brush or cotton. Apply the Paste on one of these two items and use to Polish your jewelry. Then just take the product in warm water and know the difference.

SOAP And Water

You can also make a combination of boiling water with coconut SOAP and leave your jewelry to soak for a few minutes. Then rub with a soft bristle brush and see the appearance changing. The SOAP powder can also be used, but not as much brightness, though get the stains out.

Suitable To Clean Costume Jewelry

You can also use products to clean jewelry and have good results.These are given to those people who are looking for total convenience and do not want to take chances with the tips above. You can buy aproduct to clean costume jewelry in gold or plated or silver, if you want to. They are safe and also help to create a protective layer on your piece. Try.

Now you don’t have to keep jewelry stored in the drawer because they are no longer with that new guy! What did you think? Do you know another way to clean jewelry and semi-joias? Share the tip in the comments!