Plus Size Outfit. 2 Wrap Dress Polka Dots

“It’s absolutely unfashionably who hides his virtues and turns out his dark side is.”

Donna Karan, American fashion designer

This wrap dress with dots is one of my absolute favorite parts.

Wrap dresses anyway. An “hourglass figure”, i.e. where, waist and hips are well defined, these pieces look best. I just feel in those things and therefore several in different fabrics from.

Because I couldn’t find it anywhere suitable, I let them sew me. Once cut let (let the best of an existing piece of good ride take off the cut) and then repeatedly multiply as desired.

Sounds more expensive than it is. Often women in the city portal ( or similar finds a hobby dressmaker, has the desire and the time to something like that. Just turn a search.

Remove cut I just turned 15,-euro paid, for BB´s sewing 30,-euro. Plus the Jersey fabric (by Alfatex or ebay), approx. 200 cm round 30,-euro. So for the first time 75 Euro, each more dress cost me about 60,-euro. It’s not much for a “tailor-made” favorite piece according to Politicsezine.

Well, I find that I can vary the length and sleeve length in the future depending on the style and season.

To do this I wear some opaque tights or like here’s a leggings and ankle boots by Gabor.