Plus Size In Color: Pants With Floral Pattern

Already in the last spring and summer it was fashionable colorful and flowery. Pants with floral print were the trend par excellence. Refined outfits around the pants with floral patterns dominated all modem magazines, fashion blogs and catwalks.

And fortunately, the pants with floral print have only a short winter sleep and are on time to the spring of 2015 to our favorite and are an absolute must-have for stylish looks.

According to naturegnosis, plus size pants with a floral print not only ensure a good mood but a lively mood. They are absolute all-rounders when it comes to combining with other parts. The Blumenprint pants also make you happy because they are really suitable for every figure type. With the trendy trend parts you can emphasize your curves and conjure feminine and exciting styles.

Pants With Floral Pattern: As Diverse As A Bouquet Of Flowers

Depending on your mood, weather and day plans, you can put together the various outfits with the floral trousers. In principle, everything is permitted in terms of color. A harmonious overall effect for your styling is achieved when you are easily orientated to the colors of the pants during the color selection. All colors, which can be found in the color of the trousers, are also suitable for your rest

Dress. If you prefer discreetly, choose a shirt with a floral print in light blue, pink and white as well as a shirt in one of these colors. If, on the other hand, you want to have a striking color contrast, then decide for colors that do not appear at all or only minimally in the pants. And not only in the color selection, all the doors are open to you with the flowery trend. With the floral print trousers, you can create outfits in different styles:

It is particularly delicate and girlish when you use floral-style pants for the fashionable candy trend and combine them to form additional garments in soft pastel shades. Light sweaters in mint, pink or lilac are a great idea.

The look looks elegant when you wear a blouse collar or a great statement chain under the sweater.

Beautiful and the figure flattering is always the layer look. And it is easy to create trendy and fashionable pants with floral print.

The basis for this is a trousers with a floral pattern in the slim cut and a simple, plain-cut shirt in a classic color like white or light gray. You can wear a loose cardigan made of light summer knit or put on the classic look with a trench coat.

Soft leather loafers or ballerinas round off the look.

Pants With Floral Print: Flowers For Femininity

Style icon and Curve Queen Beyoncé makes it happen and sets with her look again a trend. She uses her pants with a floral print to show off her curves and emphasize her body center. For this, she combines a high-cut version of the Blumenprint pants in the trendy pump style to a simple black tunic, which she wears in her pants.Her relaxed, but nevertheless very sexy-looking outfit rounds her off with pumps in bright yellow as an eyecatcher. If you want to set your legs in a trendy trousers with a floral print (and thereby distract a little of your waist and hip region at the same time), the tube cut is ideal. The darker the flowerprints, the narrower your legs. To such a figurative cut of the pants are suitable, flowing, loose and slightly longer cuts. A casual tunic or a sled blouse

Play the upper body and thus ensure a harmonious overall effect. The Blumenprint pants can be combined with your flair for trends and styling to almost all colors and materials. Through different cuts you can focus on your personal favorite body parts and create individual well-being outfits.The wide range of possibilities that make the pants with floral print an indispensable companion for spring and summer and we would not want to do without them.