Play Store: Facebook Prepares Well for Exclusion

Facebook and search engine providers Google compete more and more. Not only, that both companies operate their own social network, they earn most of their money with targeted advertising. Facebook is also long on a kind of search engine, so that the company also in Google’s main business may be to rivals. Accordingly it could come entirely in future to a rift between the groups on Facebook already prepared. However, the information reported the American website and it relies on sources that should be familiar with the matter.

Functions around the social network

Its own app store?

So Facebook should prepare, inter alia, that Google takes your mobile application of the social network of the play store. Therefore, the company tests this information after many options with which you independently wants to allow downloading the app users by Google play store. According to the Internet site of techtimes, includes an its own app store, where Facebook could offer its apps, to be independent of Google. It definitely would be possible: because in contrast to the Apple system ios for iphone and ipad, where applications only officially from Apple’s app store download let offers multiple download options Google’s Android.

Further measures

Thats not all: so Facebook is working according to the information, also to replace Google maps through a separate card application. Facebook notifications on the Android devices and infrastructure pay for also looking for alternatives to Google’s services.

Parked Facebook functions

Test: Facebook caused errors

Facebook tested within the framework of the departure preparations with intentionally caused errors, whether of mobile app users are willing to change, to continue to take advantage of the social network on a mobile Web browser. This unique test, which allowed the app to crash and made unusable for several hours, have already taken place years ago. As the result was, is unknown.

Possible scenario

Also if the teams of Google and Facebook have recently worked together to optimize the Facebook app for the many variants of Android devices, it is still possible that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg arranges a retreat from Google play according to the information. Finally, he would then have a stronger control over the Facebook app and business related. A Facebook spokesman did not comment on the report. (With material of the AP.)

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