Plaid Skirt Week

Finally, we reached the fifth and final day of our week theme of the plaid skirt. Of 2 1: or you loved or already have a hard look at this checkered red.

I loved even. Every time I roll themed weeks I amazed at the amount of stuff we can do with what we already have in the closet. And this week was no different. I started thinking: God of the sky, how am I supposed to create five looks with this skirt so striking? Well. Here we are, four looks after and I here full of idea to the next (but can rest easy because I’m going to take a break from Vichy to you for a little while).

But before that, let’s finish our week? Since today is Sunday and the people were doing a program well relax (we visited Lavender fields which are within an hour of London), I decided that the look had to be uncomplicated and yummy.

I grabbed our maravilinda skirt and combined with the two most basic things that came into my head: white t-shirt and denim jacket.

Loved the result of relaxed look. The mixture of super campestre the top more left the outcome of the urban set much more interesting.

To complete the look, I dug up this cabinet vintage purse bought in Buenos Aires. Actually, I don’t even know if she’s really Chanel. I thought the Sissy in a thrift store for millions of years by 50 dollars (at that time, the dollar was a lot more cheap) and I fell in love with her.

Oh! And how not to speak of these glasses that make the biggest success in my Calls whenever I use? His story is very cute. Homi and I were in a music festival there in SanFran and had a stall selling glasses baratex. He had forgotten his glasses and decided to buy one. When he saw me Talkin’ this model there, ended up taking him to me as a gift. Isn’t it cute that husband?

Details that make the difference: I don’t leave home without my favorite rings. Use it every day! I think it’s a cute way to have a personal touch even the most basic looks.

Finally, the element that was with us the whole week (along with the skirt, of course): the liquid matte lipstick from Smashbox, the tone Bang Bang.

Well, my people, I hope you have enjoyed this week and inspired to also use creativity. Let’s show the world that repeat wearing beautiful Yes!