Pink Decorating:Tips For a Table Set in Shades of Pink

Pink décor can be ideal for several moments. Stay on top of our tips and learn how to build an incredible table set in shades of pink.

The color pink is one of the most versatile for decoration, as ETaizhou says. This is because it presents various shades that can fit perfectly in various styles, passing from the classic to the most modern and exotic. And pink décor could not be left out of a special composition of table set, doesn’t it? So, we have selected a few tips that will help you create a look amazing in shades of pink. Come check it out!

Whether it’s for a casual reception, as an afternoon tea, or for an event more produced, like a wedding, pink decor is perfect to convey delicacy and great joy for your environment. For anyone who is passionate about the various shades of this color so marked, you can use colored spots scattered around the look and present in pieces such as napkins, napkin rings, table cloths, Rails and the rest of the composition, as the arrangements and other adornments. What counts is keeping the creativity, the charm and your special touch.

Bet on gold

For a more luxurious and sophisticated decor, you can invest in items that contain Golden tones, even if present in the details. Here, you can find dishes, silverware, vases and other decorative pieces for your table set. The result will be a charming pink decor and super memorable!

Clean decor

If you prefer a more discreet decoration, a combination clean between the items from your table set is the ideal. To do this, use pieces in neutral tones, like white, nude or grey and add color points in your space. In this case, you can use the American game Bougainville for a lighter and relaxed environment or the American game Summer Colors Pink, combining neutral parts, such as white.

Another tip is to use items produced in glass or silver metal, giving the look a delicate touch and very subtle.

Combine pink with prints

For memorable events, nothing better than a pink decor and full of personality! Thinking of perfect even more on the look, how about joining stamped parts to shades of pink? To do this, you can invest in geometric patterns, stripes or even in the American Games, floral rails or tablecloths. Items already in shades of pink, can be scored more subtly in your decoration, as for example, the napkins and napkin rings.

Pink décor is really charming and can be ideal for any taste! Just keep attention to details and know all your parts harmonize décor. Take a little of this composition for your House and repaginate the environment in a way unique and very charming! Check out the exclusive pieces of Lolahome and inspired even more: