Pillow Case

Who does not have in his house some old shirt, those that have given us and we did not like, we do not use, we go small or too big?

Well I’m sure that more than once, you thought about giving them or throwing them, now is the time to give them a very good use and this way to give a very original touch to different rooms, depending on the fabric and your drawings, you can Give free rein to your imagination and take advantage of a fun way, with very little and in a very, but very simple.


  • A shirt.(To recycle).
  • scissors.
  • Soap
  • Alfileres.
  • Cushion or cushion.
  • Rule.
  • Cooking machine, or, if not, a thread and needle.

Well, we have everything, we just have to get down to work!

  1. The first thing we have to verify is that our pillow, or cushion between loosely in the shirt, and that about three centimeters around the cushion, to be able to work it comfortably.
  2. After checking this, we turn the shirt and place the cushion inside the shirt, we focus well, if it had a pocket or some detail of flyers, or special drawing, we will try to be well placed to make it stand out perfectly.
  3. Once centered, proceed to mark with the ruler the contour of the cushion with the soap.
  4. We will mark with the pins the mark that we have made of the cushion, so that they are well joined the two parts and can be cut perfectly.
  5. We cut by counting two fingers from the mark.
  6. Let’s cook by the mark that we have made with the soap with the sewing machine, or by hand, failing that.
  7. We open the side of the buttons and turn it over.
  8. We fold the cushion (it is easier to place it) and we proceed to place it inside our “Cover shirt”.
  9. We close the buttons, and we have our fabulous finished cushion!

As you will see is a very easy idea to do and you will be able to blow your imagination and thousands of ideas will occur from this, for example, change the buttons and place other more colorful, add pebbles, ties, whatever you want!

You can also make these cushions or pillows thinking about a special gift, different and above all original.
If you wear a men’s shirt you can add a bow tie or tie, if it is for a woman you can place accessories simulating a necklace, and if it is for girls, a bow or decorative ribbons.

I hope to have been of help, and that soon you send us some done for yourselves!