Perfect legs: A Makeup That Is There But Not You Can See!

Perfect legs here is a trick that is there but not seen. A BB cream for the body covering, moisturizes, protects like a BB cream for the face.

The summer has now arrived in the closet for a while and make a fine display dresses, shorts and skirts: all heads of ultra-feminine clothing, leaving legs uncovered, the ‘weapon of seduction to topple winning that big beautiful stem with emerald green eyes and statuesque you hanging around for a few weeks, but has not yet had the courage to ask you out.

And do not be afraid if there is some small flaw!

Very few examples of women who can claim perfect legs.

With small scars, capillaries and uneven complexion, almost all we have to deal but we will wake up a secret to delete them within seconds.

The solution is the BB Cream, says healthknowing.

1. Cos’è la BB Cream

That’s right, the famous Blemish Balm moisturizes in one gesture, corrects and perfects the face, has arrived in the body version.

It is a cream with a texture much lighter than a traditional foundation but that still manages to hide small imperfections, thanks to colored pigments it contains.

Its formula is also enriched with ingredients that relieve fatigue and swelling of the legs, as well as of elements designed to restore circulation.

Equipped also with the sun protection factor against UV rays, which is essential during the summer.

2. How to apply

You are just out of the shower? Sit comfortable in front of a mirror and predete your BB Cream for legs.

Its moisturizing formula will allow you to put aside the body cream this time: we will think her to nourish the skin and make it appear immediately smoother and softer.

Apply it from the ankles and, with circular movements, spread the product until it covers the entire length of your legs.

Do not forget to fade.

Exactly as you progress on your face, even in this case you have to fade carefully BB Cream, to avoid coming off the color of the feet and legs and being still a covering product, remember to choose the shade closest to your natural color when purchase.

3. Result

After application, wait a few minutes for a soak at the BB Cream altogether.

Now get dressed and run out with a smile, because your legs will be nothing short of wonderful.

Bright but not shiny, soft but not sticky, with a natural color but uniform.

The duration of this type of products, moreover, is really great.

Will allow, in fact, to stay out all day and never have the fear of having to run in the toilet of a bar to make the finishing touches.

 4. How do you remove

If you apply the BB Cream on the legs it is a snap, take it off is even easier.

Simply wash with warm soapy water : nothing simpler. Be careful to remove all of the product, otherwise you will find dislike of sull’accappatoio beige color.

5. BB Cream o collant 8 denari?

The effect that a BB Cream will give your legs is similar to that achieved by wearing a pair of tights 8 denier.

Using make-up, though, you will not be afraid to pull the socks, you will eliminate the itching problem caused by the heat of August and you will be free to move to 100%.

What can you ask for more from a product like this?