Paint the Eyebrows Is Good?

The design of the eyebrows is a totally important aspect in visual.

And even the makeup seems to get more attractive when the brow is made.

A lot of people have problems with the eyebrow.

Some people need to enhance it more, give more definition. In other cases, she has many flaws, for being made wrong for a long time, or even by a natural process. And, yet, there are those that are very thin, lightweight, that almost does not appear. Paint the eyebrows may be the solution!

A lot of people question on dyeing the eyebrows. Will that be fine? What is important to consider? And how to choose a professional for the design of eyebrows? What if you want to dye it? Paint the eyebrows can be good, if the person consider these aspects and understand what she really wants with this procedure.

The key is not to follow fads in the drawing or in color when making eyebrow. Ideally, theeyebrow design reflect a natural, light and get in tune with the face. So, it’s no use if mirror in an actress, in a celebrity. Each type of eyebrow needs to be evaluated individually, according to each person. This care is the first step.

On the dyeing of eyebrows, the market today offers the following options: coloring with henna and the “permanent makeup” (micropigment with tattoo machine and pigments). The dyeing in general can help hide flaws between the fur and give more definition in the eyebrow. Before that process is important to consider the eyebrow design.

Coloring with henna is temporary, has low cost and lasts approximately one month (sometimes even less). Is for anyone who wants a short-term correction, don’t want to spend so much and doesn’t want changes as strict. The result of the coloring with henna is very natural. The advantage to last a short time is especially interesting for those who like to change the color of the hair every time.

The dermopigment(micropigment) responsible for the top layer is with pigments that give color, filling in the gaps. This kind of technique is good for who has deeper flaws or eyebrows are too thin, requiring more definition. Can last from 8 months to 1 year. Of course the duration depends on each person.

The makeup “definitive” uses the same principle of the tattoo. This kind of technique can last for several years, but not forever. The controversy is that, often, the design aspect of the eyebrow is not natural.

For these last two techniques (dermopigment and makeup “definitive”) the types of pigments used can influence in the result (including color). So, the choice of a good professional can be vital. And, in this case, it’s worth researching experiences of other people who did (whether on blogs, talking to other people).

Paint the eyebrows can be good!

Have you done any of these techniques to paint the eyebrows? Liked it? Comment!