Makeup Tips For The Beach

When the summer plan includes water, Sun and sand women tend to forget entirely an ideal makeup for those days. No, you don’t need dozens of cosmetics while you’re on the beach, but if several basic products that will make you look and feel more beautiful under the Sun’s rays. It is very important that you’re looking makeup with SPF – of course, these do not replace a good sunscreen to but it is recommended – preferably water proof and natural tones. Read on to discover how to become the next goddess of the summer. Tip: this makeup is also perfect if you live in a warm city or these vacationing in a tropical place.

Foundation makeup

The basis of make-up for a day at the beach is not essential. However, if you still feel that you need to cover certain imperfections it is advisable to use a moisturizer with color – with SPF included. This will keep your face with an even color layers and layers of makeup, as well as give you protection thanks to the sunscreen.

Remember that a makeup base will not replace a sunscreen for the face so it uses both. Try this item on

Eye shadows and EYELINERS

Before choosing color or texture, pays attention to the formula. Those to waterproof or Waterproof are ideal – even better if they are cream or bar!. You not much approaches to find perfection, simply apply shadows in shades and bright Earth, ochre, beige or champagne – nothing worse than a skin tanned or burned with blue or green – shadows that will give life to your look regardless of your eye color. As for delineated, prefer pencils waterproof grey, dark brown or even Golden, but discreetly. Black is tedious for the beach but with this trick your eyes will highlight 100%. NARS Duo Cream Eyeshadow in Summer Time and e.l.f. Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen will be your best allies.


Mascara it requires special treatment because it is the most prone to “run” under the Sun but you choose a waterproof formula. The best is to use a transparent pestanina although if you prefer an impact effect, bets on the classic black mascara – that Yes, waterproof. You may try Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara.

Blush and bronzing powders

The Rouge is necessary to give life to any face. In hot days or holidays on the beach, it uses those textured cream or gel. The tones of pink or Peach you feel well to almost all skins – blushes with a touch of brightness provide luminosity to the face without subtract freshness. Two natural choices would be Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Color Stick in Petal Pink or Pixi Beauty Sheer Cheek Gel on Natural or Flushed – a plus of this pair? containing ingredients beneficial to your skin.

If yours are the bronzing powders, committed to one that offers you natural results – who needs powerful formulas when you will win a tanning real? – this will allow your face to have a light touch without losing the natural way. As advice, apply to cheeks in form “C” just under your cheeks. The ideal recommendation is Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess is Star Bronzing Blush.

Gloss or lip balms

Beach you don’t need strong on the lips tones, on the other hand a balm, gloss or lip – balms with strong pigments – hybrids with Sun protection will be more than perfect. It prefers those who are according to the season of Sun, which go with your skin tone and that provide you a smile bright. Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15 sunscreen 15, with modern colors is a safe option for those hot days. Tip: A Pearly lip gloss will highlight your Tan, try L’Occitane Pivoine Flora Lip Shine.

Finally, there are makeup kits containing essential products to look beautiful while you enjoy a tropical climate. These make you life – and luggage – simpler; don’t forget the powerful blockers for the face and body and will all have to become the goddess of summer. Here are these recommendations:

Bobbi Brown Honey Glaze Long-Wear Set: ringtones lands and beige that complement any tanning – bonus: lip gloss color honey!.

Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Naturally Sunkissed Bronzing Collection: a set that contains everything you need for an appearance as “sun-kissed”.

Extra tip:

The ideal complement to a beach look, is a Bohemian hair. Get a “beach waves” using a spray based on salt as Not Your Mother completo Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, which works in dry or damp.


Buy New Toilet Seat

Toilet seats are often boring and not just for the eye. This must be but not necessarily, because there are seats for the WC here in many different designs. Whether you prefer flowers, animals, houses or pretty drawings – probably a matching toilet seat is also for your taste. Browse in peace and opt for a simple or an exceptional design. Either way – your toilet will look quite definitely nicer.

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Sensitive Skin Makeup Tips

Sensitive skin requires special care to avoid constant outbreaks or irritations. In a nutshell, you must be attentive to each product that you use – from components to the texture as well as well as to extreme changes in temperature, drugs and up to the life time of your cosmetics.

Yes, it sounds pretty but better safe than sorry. Learn how to make a skin delicate without suffering in the attempt!


Sensitive skin may have eczema, acne, rosacea, rashes or skin rash in a matter of minutes, only for an ingredient. Make up as little as possible or choose bases specific to your type of skin is recommended in these cases. What are? Without mineral oils, lanolin, fragrances or parabens. In fact, the more “natural” or organic buy it better. Same fix applies with the corrective.

In general, the delicate skin do not require layers and layers of heavy makeup; Perhaps that’s why the moisturizers with color are the most convenient alternative.

In your case, the BB Cream will not give good results since – the majority – have Helioplex and cinnamates (common in sunscreens), which causes irritation.

Make-up powder (either sealers, compact or databases), above all versions minerals, they do not contain oils and help your skin breathe. It hydrates your face the most if you plan on makeup with powder products to avoid “dry patches”.

Recommendations: Youngblood Natural Mineral Foundation, Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer and Tarte Cosmetics Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer. It is also important “to prepare” your face with a cream suitable for your skin type, as tips from theInternetFAQs, which in addition to soothe and soften, helps with spots and erase the lines of expression; even to heal your face after injections or treatments heavy… everything! without irritating sensitive skin


Allergic reactions in the eyes can occur in any type of skin, however, and for obvious reasons, sensitive skins are more prone to them. Again, stay away from fragrances, synthetic, with oils or excessive chemicals cosmetics, opting instead for simple formulas and Hypo-allergenic.

In terms of textures, prefers the shadows compact or cream, eyeliner pencil and gel (leading you through the tips above). You can also bet on those minerals, if you don’t have problems with powder products.

Mascaras are known for their “irritant” effect on dozens of women. Although it is almost impossible to find one that is “ideal” for sensitive eyes or skin, believe me there are options -mask eco, formulas in mousse, gel or cream, with few active ingredients, will help to keep your look fabulous. Finally, say goodbye to the mascaras to waterproof or very drying.

Recommendations: VMV Hypoallergenics Two True Hues Eyeshadow Duos, 100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented mask and Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Eyeliner.

Cheeks and lips

If you look closely at a delicate face, you can notice that cheeks has all the losing. Do your cheeks look red all the time? Perhaps a little concealer Green will help to tone down. Mix it with your makeup base or apply it before it.

Choose soft blushes – formula, texture and color – which does not overload the cheeks. Mineral powders do not resecaran or irritaran your skin but results are “cleared” with the passing of the hours, while the compact or cream blushers give you long duration (running the risk of having a secondary reaction) key? Search them without fragrances, oils and 100% natural. Don’t forget to do the same with the suntan lotion.

Probably, your lips from drying out easily or are allergic to the ingredients of the lipstick. A basic tip is to use mineral, organic or ecological balms that hydrate your mouth without causing you any peeling or allergies. Those who possess dyes are perfect for a subtle touch of color or if you prefer a Quick makeup.

Prevents the matte lipstick in dark tones (would compete with your face if it is red or irritated), dyes or colorants for lips or bars with large amounts of chemicals.

Recommendations: Origins Pinch Your Cheeks, It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush and Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment.

General tips

  • All your makeup should be hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. No excuses!
  • Zero fragrances. For slightest be, can cause allergies.
  • It takes into account that an expired makeup brings consequences more serious in sensitive skin to the fat or mixed.
  • Washing your brushes constantly and do not touch your face with your fingers.
  • You ever try the makeup display or sample.
  • Keep a simple routine of cleaning and moisturizing. Votre Vu offers creams and “potions” for sensitive skin, soothing irritation and restoring the surface of the face. Magnifique!


Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

Dehydrated skin is difficult to treat if you don’t use the right products – even more in terms of makeup is concerned. Unlike the greasy skins where you need to “prepare the canvas”, here you must search moisturize the face the most.


It is a fact that powder or even minerals cosmetics may aggravate the appearance of dry skin. As a first step, opt for a pre-basic that matches the surface at the same time that moisturize – if you apply you the suitable, will immediately notice the difference. Of course, don’t forget that a moisturizing cream before makeup is essential.

Generally, the concealer is usually applied after the base, but this time, it will work best if you apply it in this step. Concealers help to match the color of your skin, rosacea, or dry patches. Be sure to choose specific shades and formulas liquid or creamy full coverage.

Dry skin makeup base has its secret: you’ll need one that moisturize and cover.

It is not always easy to find the “ideal” but makeup artists are running that you makes high definition or HD, although they are light, concealing the State of dehydration. Do you prefer something more natural? The moisturizers with color and certain BB Creams do the work without compromising your type of skin.

Needless to say that loose or compact powders not go with dry skin, because it would accumulate in areas of your face such as forehead, cheeks or nose, wearing squamous and stiff. Take this into account if you have mature skin.

Recommendations: Too Faced Primed & Poreless Primer, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer and Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover.


It is not common that “dry eyelids” but can occur, especially if you have fine lines. The prebases to eyes prevent the accumulation of shadow or eyeliner in unwanted places, however, the trick to a perfect makeup on dry skin consists of products in cream.

Yes, cream or creamy eyeliner shadows have ‘power’ to adhere to your eyelids, as well as moisturize them and give them a presentable finish. Unless you use a first excellent eyes, leave aside the dust or mineral and waterproof mascaras versions. Shiny tones or semi-matte will give life to your look with the rest of your face without looking flat. Tip: Keep your super eye area moist with a special according to your age.

Recommendations: Clinique Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-Hour Eye Colour, Dior 1 Couleur EyeGloss and Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay Cream Eyeshadow.

Cheeks and lips

Cheeks is one of the areas where dryness is more visible. As with the rest of your makeup, you must focus on hydrate – and believe me, the blushes in cream make miracles when dry skin it comes.

Remember that flush texture needs to be light so no noticeable imperfections or flakes and not emotions you with color if you submit rosacea or skin irritation. The same rule applies with bronzers and Illuminators: alternatives in cream which diminish the dry appearance of the skin.

What about Rouge powder? TENs will tell you that it is not absolute but if you choose the components suitable (with moisturizing ingredients by nature, such as green tea or Glycerin), you will get great results.

Stay away from the labial mate since, obviously, they resecaran your mouth and leave you with a look nothing nice. Prefer creamy bars, lip balms, and lip shine – these distract attention from a dehydrated face.

Recommendations: Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric, VMV Hypoallergenics Skin Bloom Blush and Tom Ford Beauty Shade and Illuminate.

General tips

  • Apply your makeup with soft brushes and push in the places most dry, such as forehead and cheeks.
  • Search the words moisturizing or moisturizing each product you buy. For your type of skin, do not apply the “less is more”.
  • A dry skin beauty routine will contribute to make the makeup look better. Mark TATCHA for Dry Skin, is a three-step regimen that – literally – change the look of your face!

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Makeup Tips for The Gym

In an ideal world, it is advisable not to use even a drop of paint while doing exercises, but realistically, there are women who prefer to keep the flirtatious up at unexpected moments. Do not worry! A little bit of makeup here and there it will highlight your factions even in the most intense of your routine. Just remember, makeup to the gym should be simple and almost transparent – your intend to give life to your face… not go party!

Think light

To make up to go to the gym, the rule is simple: do not apply anything to tape your pores. So, goodbye to the bases or heavy proofreaders. Better opt for gentle products that give a touch of color without compromising your skin. The options? Moisturisers with color, BB or CC Creams. They will give you coverage ideal in addition to removing the shine.

Do you annoy the spots or acne? Mix your favorite concealer (Yes, that that covers 100%) with a part of moisturizing cream – your skin will feel and will look radiant.

Forget powders… would perhaps have to say?

Water proof

May it be your favorite phrase! It is true that water-proof cosmetics can become the nightmare of any cleansing, but trust us, does wonders when sweating. Now, don’t overdo with use. A thin line of crayon Brown, gray or black between the tabs, shading at the bottom and two coats of black mascara will be everything you need to highlight the shape of your eyes.

At this point, do not require of iridescent colors, depth or marked traits. Keep it simple!

Bye, bye Rouge

The worst decision you can take when you go to the gym is to use blush. It is sufficient that color “red tomato” you’ll have to get out of there. If it is essential that you define your face, uses a tanning cream from long term that will help you to sharpen your chin, nose, or cheeks.

Tip: did you know taking a color that really goes with your skin tone after exercise your cheeks? Next time, notes and buy a like Rouge. You see that it looks very natural!

And on the lips?

Your mouth will also have a light colorcito due to the exercises. Don’t worry use lipstick dense or sticky gloss. Let them breathe! He prefers the lip balms or cocoa butter to moisturize and soften while you sweat.

Tinturar you!

Have you heard of makeup in dye? Although it is not something new, dozens of brands have implemented in their latest collections. The most famous are labial dyes, you must be careful to apply them or you’ll end up with a dry mouth. Be sure to moisturize your skin twice if you plan to make up with dyes, either in lips, cheeks or eyelids like a shadow. They are great for busy women or when you know you’re going to exercise for a long time.

Whatever you do, do not forget that…

It is essential to remove makeup you when you leave the gym. The sweat accumulated during exercises can bring bacteria and infections that ill-treating your skin in the long run. Shower time – you don’t need take facial wipes, liquid makeup remover or baby wipes to remove dirt and prevent your pores to become clogged. Now yes, makeup again with confidence!


Questions about Push up Bikini

People like to play in the water on a hot day. The perfect swimwear must bring concentrated competence: they should be sexy, but not scantily clad; airy and light, but not transparent in the water; great decorated, but not emerging under the T-Shirt.

Push-up bikinis are designed through bridgat with various shapes and styles. But they should also provide the basic function like support, shape, and round up. Just as the name implies, this kind of bikini can push up the bust size, especially on the beach.

You can find some useful information about push-up bikini here:

-Which push up model flatters your neckline?
-What colors make your complexion shine?
-What materials do you like?
-What patterns and colors are in trend this summer?

It is important to measure yourself before buying a push-up bikini.

Stand on the floor, put a measuring tape tight at the highest point of the breast around the body and measure the circumference of your bust.

• Then measure the circumference directly below your bust during inhalation.

• Check the size chart for underwear and swimwear, you can now determine the correct size for your bikini.

• If you would like to measure your old bikini, pay attention to the following instruction. The footbridge between the cups should be flat and not desist or bend upwards. Also the hem above the underwire should be close to the skin. You can adjust the straps with the buckle. A rule of thumb for the tightness is that two fingers can slide easily under the straps. Moreover, you’d better put the fabric elasticity into consideration because the bikini will become loose by wearing and washing.

Gamescom Cologne 2016

Now the Gamescom throws 2016, which will take place from 17 to 21 August 2016 in Cologne, their shadows ahead. Until February 19, 60 percent of more exhibitors have registered already than in the previous year. Turkey will represent as a partner country with a 500-square-meter pavilion.

The Gamescom 2016 absorb trip, because the first registration period ended on February 19 with a top score: the current number of companies are once more than 60 percent higher than the number of registrations as of the comparison date 2015, companies from 33 countries have already signed up. In the entertainment area, 21 percent are in the business area. The partner country Turkey will be on 500 square meters in the business area. The area that is the partner country at the gamescom business area increased fivefold compared with the previous year. Group participation from Germany, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, United States/Canada, of Switzerland, Singapore, Spain and South Korea signed up also at an early stage their participation in the biggest event for interactive entertainment.

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Is There an Apple Event Today

First it started with iMore and iLounge, who claimed to know an Apple event on September 12. Now even larger media such as the Wall Street Journal blog and Reuters claim to know. There is talk of the new iPhone5. Also, that comes with a long-awaited iPad mini. Furthermore there is speculation on an iPod.

The appointment is of course just a rumor, if being realistic, just because it fits so well into the self-fulfilling prophecy. But what is to come, that is clear. So a statistic which is interpreted just published annual report of Apple.

There are concerns about how many advances Apple has made and will make and how much of this has the entire sales. According to Apple’s own predictions, these namely raised, about 8.5% to 13%.

Push up Vintage Swimwear

The push-up bikini will push as the name implies. The bust is pressed upwards and is visually larger and rounder. Therefore, the push-up bikinis are especially beneficial for small breast like A to B Cup. Most of the push-up bikini will add your size up to two cup.

But also for curved C – and even D – up E basket, the push bikini is suitable to stabilize the large chest. This relieves the back and gives form. However, a little push up effect ranges with a larger bust size.

Padded cups: the crucial difference

The special feature of push-up bikinis in comparison to normal swimwear is the padded cups. Similar to the push-up bra, the pads and additional reinforcements underneath the breast conjure up such a beautiful neckline.

Pads with special reinforcements can provide better performance than the regular ones. Thanks to the oval form and extending outward, the reinforcing pads not only push the chest upwards, but also enhance the cleavage. The push-up bikini bra at internetages gives you a little extra lift for comfort and a seamless look.

Beach Swimming Accessories

Take a sunbathing, collect shells, feel sea water on the skin. For the perfect day at the beach, it needs not only a well-fitting bikini, but other accessories. A pair of sunglasses will not only protect you against sunlight but keep dangerous UV rays away. So the sunglass is one of the absolute must-haves on the beach like beachwear according to WHOLESALEABLY. A straw or raffia hat will protect your long hair and cool the head and provide a great hippie summer look. Never miss a pair of espadrilles or sandals for the beach. Choose the shoes that match your bikini, and make your beach presence particularly harmonious.

A pareo or a silk tunic will protect your arms, shoulders or waist from the scorching sun and make you look super elegant. With them, you can take even a long walk on the beach without getting too much sun. Simply put it in a spacious beach bag when not using, you can perform good in the evening casual.

Matching jewelry for the beach should be carried without any bags. With the right accessories, a first-class beach look is guaranteed. Jewelry is shining on your tanned skin and reminds you of the glittering rays of the sun on the sea. The turquoise jewelry around the neck is especially in harmony with the colors of the sea. If you want more, try the hippie wristbands or gold bangles, which will give you endless charm. The chains at the ankle are also perfect for your beach outfit.


Summer, sun, beach and sea are really perfect only with a matching bikini. The bandeau bikini is a very feminine and trendy model for this season. Follow our guidance and find out whether a bandeau bikini suits you.

-With or without straps? The choice is yours. The detachable straps may help you decide.

-If you have a small bust, the bandeau bikini is the ideal choice for you. And there are padded models, which offer the breasts perfect fit and beautiful shapes.

-Never buy a too big bandeau bikini, which easily slip from the body. And don’t choose the one with narrow straps, which will make your shoulder uncomfortable.

-For ladies with plump bust, the bandeau bikini with underwire is a recommended alternative as it provides better grip. The bandeau bikini with a halter neck brings a feminine frame neckline.

-There are various colors for you to choose. Just select the bikini with a color flattering your figure and your style.

-Maintain your bikini for a long delight.

-To make your beach look perfect, add some accessories such as maritime jewelry, a silk scarf or casual espadrilles.