Small Eyes Makeup Tips

If your eyes are not large, you can help of certain tricks to liven up your look. Do you think that it is complicated? Take it easy! Take advantage of a few small eyes with these simple makeup tips.

It recognizes the shape of your eyes

The shape of your eyes can – visually – resize them. For example, those round or fallen are usually easier to conceal and ‘enlarge’ eyes torn (common in Asian factions or indigenous peoples) or almendrados.

The big advantage of small eyes is that you can get results with little makeup, as opposed to the large eyes. You can also highlight cheek or lips and even use applique and glitter without looking so exaggerated.

Makeup for the day

Clear shadows will be your best friends during the days of work or when you have not much time for makeup. Beige, bone/ivory or skin will give the illusion of larger eyes if they are applied along the eyelid mobile, besides giving a shine to your look.

Pallets as Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Quad in Butter Creme and Bobbi Brown Party Eye Palette are perfect for you (see more information) because they have the right amount of iridescence – ideal if you want to “open” your eyes.

Stay away from the eyeliner in hours a day since they give hardness to your look. It ends with brown or black mascara on the upper lashes.

Makeup for the night

When you have a party or a special event, you must be careful when choosing your makeup. A soft smoky eyes can run you, however, bet for delineated prolix will be a guaranteed success.

If you opt for the famous “cat’s eye”, be sure to use clear shadow as a base and lengthen the outline for a more exotic form. Many pestanina or false eyelashes will help you enhance your eyes – the key is in not makeup or wear mascara on the lower lashes.

Looking for something more extravagant? See vibrant shades combine with the color of your eyes and used from the inner part of the eye until the middle of the eyelid. Mark the depth with Brown shadow, charcoal or grey lead.

For those nights where you seek to emphasize applied glitter or sequins (Yes, for the eyes!). Recommendations: Smashbox Be Discovered Eye Shadow Palette and Dior Backstage Eyeliners-ready-to-wear. Remember use Illuminators in the corners of your eyes to more light.

It coordinates with the rest of your face

When you have small eyes, it is essential to keep your eyebrows defined and polished. If possible shaves the closest to the eye area (of course, without losing the natural) and applies illuminator underneath the eyebrow bone.

Learn how to master the art of the corrector. Dark circles tend to make little ones eyes; It is therefore essential that cover any imperfections with corrective make-up or base. While more ‘partner’ look your skin, more light give you to your look.

Don’t be afraid to focus on other areas such as lips or cheeks. In fact, if you take him out to the shape of your face, your eyes could highlight even more. The illuminating powder or liquid, in strategic places, are almost necessary. A favorite? Benefit Cosmetics Girl Meets Pearls.

Avoid them!

Are shown slimming black. If your eyes are small, avoid it at all costs (unless you’ve selected is outlined in). The “Smokey Eyes” heavy, matte and delineated shadows at the lower lashes will make your eyes disappear as if by magic.

If yours is the natural or “washed face” makeup, it is time that you reconsider it. Apply two coats of black mascara on upper lashes you will not remove long and will increase you your eyes centimeters.

Thick and bushy eyebrows are still fashion but attempts to get rid of the vellitos near the eye. This “space” will make them larger in the eyes of others.


Makeup Tips for Big Eyes

Contrary to what is believed, expressive eyes are easy to apply, in addition to deemed sophisticated. Get out of your eyes with these simple tips from makeup for big eyes.

It recognizes the shape of your eyes

At a glance you notice that your eyes are very large but do you know the form of the same? Almond-shaped features, drooping eyes, bulging eyes; they are all different. However, the key to success will depend on as makeup them and not so much in and hide their size.

A big advantage that have large eyes is that you can alter its shape with makeup and still look stylish and proportioned. Unlike the small eyes, hardly the shadows game showing.

Makeup for the day

The general rule: shadows matte in earth tones (taking into account the color of your eyes and skin). Commitment to give depth to the eye although shadow coffee half and don’t forget to give a delineated lightweight, also with shadows, in your lower lashes.

Look for those brands with pigmented tones, for example, Too Faced Matte Eyeshadow Collection.

Be careful to use very dark colors when you want to look natural – remember that if they are not well applied your eyes can look sad or rounder. Doing the depth in the crease of the eye, be sure to be in “V” shape in order to lengthen your gaze.

It curls your lashes and ends with mascara. If your eyes are round or fallen, apply the pestanina to the sides to make the eye look more awake.

Makeup for the night

Paramount is to shade the eye to give a nice shape. Following Matt shadows rule, it attempts to recreate a makeup smoked with black tones, coffee, dark blue or grey lead. Once again, defined the fold to form a “V” and not asturians lower eyelashes with color.

If the outlined are your thing, try a ‘cat’s eye’ subtle – the difference is to that here you must outline at the top and at the bottom so that they look larger. To give more definition to your eyes, choose to paint the tear around the eye with a pencil type black Kohl, as Physicians Formula Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio (tip: this also gives you a few eyelashes more rank )!).

To outlining all the eye, especially if they are bulging. The exception comes when your eyes are round or fallen – for such situations, outlines of half out. Finish with black mascara waterproof.

It coordinates with the rest of your face

Eyebrows are important if you are trying to conceal large eyes. Plucking them so angular and defined with a pencil in the same tone of your hair –if they are very thin, your eyes will be more vast.

Are your cheekbones high or your very small Chin? It perfects the shape of your face with makeup so that your eyes are not ‘main attraction’. Another trick is to apply bronzing powders or blushes dark in the bone of the eye, creating a kind of shading.

Learn to master the world of Correctors and how to apply them. A concealer light or tone which is not, will only increase the size of your eyes. As for lips, best thing to do is to fill them with just the right touch of color – dyes lipsticks such as Laura Mercier Lip Stain or Vincent Longo Lip Gel Stain are ideal.

Avoid them!

Ladies with large eyes do not need to fill their eyelids shiny or frosted shadows, on the contrary. Prevents shades too light or pastels, as well as dark shadows without definition. No eyeliner strident as green, turquoise, gold, or silver, much less if you apply it around the entire eye.

Prevents false eyelashes exaggerated, eyebrows type wire or heavy lipstick. Most of the makeup artists recommend to give a point of light in the corner of the tear to give opening to the eye; in your case, it is counterproductive. If your skin is mature or have bags under the eyes, it’s not make the lower lashes. Do you feel that your eyes looks naked without that delineated? Draw a line with dark brown shadow and blend very well.

It is recommended that the mask that you use is to give volume instead of length. When the tabs are very long, usually ‘open’ the eye making it big.


Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

After the Galaxy S3 becoming a bestseller, Samsung pushes for now the appropriate accessories and there is something for everyone.

It begins with a shell, the flip cover that protects your device and in faux leather design that perfectly adapts to your mobile phone. Looks very chic and also perfectly fits the blue version in my opinion.

Samsung introduces the accessories for your Galaxy S3-1

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Natural Makeup At Night

Most women believe that a perfect makeup for the night is the one who combines strong colors, heavy textures, false eyelashes , or tons of mascara. Yes, you can see elegant both in person and in pictures, but we assure you that you can achieve a look delicate and fabulous if you use neutral tones – the key is in the finish. Here we show you how to achieve a natural makeup for the night without having to choose something out of your personality!

It improves your complexion

When you use much paint on the lips or eyes, the skin does not require both “arrangement” because it will not be the focus of attention. However, when playing with light colors, it is important that you exfolies, humectes and perfections your skin with the right products.

Always apply a light pre-basic that gives life to the skin without saturating it. Continues with a base liquid or mousse and concealer only where you need it – won’t look stiff.

The idea is to make the face look moist and healthy, not shiny. It ends with a layer of super fine powders in the T-zone.

Concentrate on the look

To avoid watered-down look, you should focus on highlighting a feature of your face. In this case, the eyes will be the perfect alternative. Recalls refine and define your eyebrows – they will become part of makeup that will then begin. Tip: always use a pre-basic in the eyelids.

  • Smokey Eye to nature: perfect for any eye color! Search for shadows in neutral tones such as Brown, copper, gold, beige, chocolate or champagne. As a general rule, you can follow the instructions of the smoke where the darker shade would go around the eye (Read more on this beauty article). Here is get the gradient colors, and that at least one of the shadows, is luminous. Don’t forget that light does not mean frosty – the more delicate is the brightness, better. It curls your lashes and apply two coats of black or brown mascara.


  • Cat’s eye: the versatility of the “cat eyes” allows you to do this so natural or dramatic as you want. In addition, it is able to define or mold the size of your eyes and raise your eyes with just a tool: eyeliner. Be sure to keep a thin line and well skirt to the base of the eyelashes (get this cheat!). As for lashes, curl them and gives three coats of mascara.


  • Bordeado’s eyes: “rimmed eyeliner” is back with more force than ever before, and now it is not exclusive of the 90’s. Using an eyeliner to test water and trace a line on the inside edges of your eyes. Reviews again, curls your lashes and apply several layers of pestanina. Striking look in seconds!


Test: Clinique “16 Shades of Beige” (even better if you combine your eye with your manicure-makeup), L’ Oréal The Infallible Blockbuster Eyeliner and Physicians Formula Eye Enhancing Kohl.

Don’t be affraid to color

Although it can become a double-edged weapon, the blushes and bronzers have the ability to define factions, make you look “thinner” in camera and give a healthy touch to your face. Especially when you’re wearing so neutral makeup on eyes and lips, it is important to highlight the sides of your face to make it look more stylish. Sounds less complicated than it is!

Prefer creamy textures (but long) which give you a lighter finish. Extra points if you have light sparkles that reflect light. Same rule applies with the Tanner – prefers those in cream, gel or liquid-to-dust.

The final touch

A natural makeup is not, nor should be, simpleton. Not you decant for matte or opaque finishes that make you see pale or no harmony; better go for semi-matte lipsticks, creamy or even lip gloss with high pigment.

The lipglosses are not just for teens – if you are looking for color with Golden reflexes, “mate” (solid colors) or even lip dyes, you can get results as favourable as with any dark lipstick.

Test: Hourglass Sheer Lipstain, Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss and Mary Kay Creme Lipstick.


Winter Jackets and Boots

Winter is coming – and it starts soon to go strong. This means, unfortunately, that this summer’s heat for a long time ago is gone, and that coldness is on the way. For most it will be a little harder to get up in the morning, and for the most part people want to be under the covers. You feel maybe a touch of winter depression, where it all felt a little too cumbersome — and the whole thing is a little sour. But fear not, for there is a super-cure for winter’s coming, and it is, of course, to spend some money on new winter clothes.

Here you will be safe, warm and stylish through the winter – so in this blog post, it should be about the things that can sweeten the cold and dark winter a little. Winter jackets and winter boots are introduced. So find a warm blanket above nap, a cup of tea and enjoy a little cozy reading while the evening falls on.

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For Summer 2016 Makeup Trends

For summer 2016 makeup trends brings the best of two worlds. Great designers have highlighted several proposals that, contrary to what we saw in the spring, are well suited to the style of every woman – is to keep your routine to the minimum or you love to wear the latest fashion. Wait no more and put in practice the makeup trend for this sun-filled season!

Natural makeup

Although the summer is color and boldness, this 2016 season it promotes a fresh face, almost without make-up or with a touch of Golden Sun. This “clean” effect can get it thanks to ringtones as pastry, nudes, colors, Earth and beige – the important thing is that you cover the imperfections of your skin for a perfect result. A neat and natural makeup is as or more difficult to achieve than one eccentric, so focus on the suitable use of Foundation makeup- looking one that resembles your skin tone or prefer the moisturizers with color – and of course, give priority to the corrective makeup, that way you will be able to conceal and accentuate your features more famous.

The texture is another essential for this makeup trend – choose those flushes in gel or cream, because they give you a more natural and healthy look.

Trend of eyes

After a spring full of warm colors and bright, including makers and neon shades, this summer eye makeup trend occurs with colder palettes. Tones such as blue, turquoise, rose and lilac pale, green water and grey seize of the warm season. Of course, pearly, metallic and Golden shadows in general continue to being betting safe. Make sure that this makeup for the summer go according to your eye color and skin type.

Lips trend

For the summer, the color on the lips will be a must. Similar to what we saw in last season, Fuchsia tones, Bubblegum pink, wine, cherries, corals and reds so unforgettable – in all its variety – will be the protagonists of the summer. As always, it is essential to take a strong lip with a soft eye makeup. Remember to apply it correctly to avoid bad times. For its part, the lipstick and “naked” glitters and even with a hint of gold enhance any Tan immediately. The same goes with the women of Tan or brown skin. If you opt for a natural make-up, Scrubs – like this! and balsams will be beneficial for your lips.

Powders and tanning beds bases

A summer isn’t summer without that golden touch of color. After the winter, the skin is paler that usual – there is where makeup comes in action: some bronzing powders will give you color without spending hours in the Sun or tanning beds. The trend for this summer proposed new foundations and powders with natural pigments that offer color gradually – this product is a perfect example. Best of all is that new products for the summer are adapted to white or super skins dark, declaring that anyone can have an amazing skin. Key bronzing powders and foundations will be in the application: make it where the Sun could reach first your face, i.e., cheeks, nose, Chin and forehead. These cosmetics are also provided to define or give volume to your face, just follow these Tips. Finally, new self-tanners that exist in the market will become the value added for the summer 2016.

Read more products about face makeup on


The Latest Winter Fashion Trends

It’s nearing winter. The days are getting shorter, and it starts to be dark and cold. But it must not be weary it all, for the winter provides the opportunity to focus on some new purchases in the form of winter jackets, boots and sweaters. Here a lot of cool jackets are offered.

Previously the colors and prints were reserved for women – and men should preferably dress in subtle and monotone colors. It is fortunately not the case anymore, and it’s this summer’s fashion trends as also been a very clear example of; especially with the major focus on camo print, colors and motifs. However, not all colors and prints that make it just as well on the street, as it does on the cover of fashion leaves. In the following section, some of the colors are briefly touched on that might come to permeate your wardrobe.

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Personal Scales for Sale

You do your perfect fit with scales. With a view, you can determine your current weight and a sumptuous dinner, crown the evening or not, so that you can present your personal look in your favorite wardrobe even in the morning. Set a point in time at which you measure your weight: daily, weekly, every two days or an interval that pleases you. Soon you will notice where your personal limits lie, so that your clothes still fit, no tweak or without, for example, when a pair of trousers the button no longer want to go to.

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Invest and save on makeup for the beach

Look gorgeous on the beach or in a hot climate now is possible thanks to the magic of makeup. However, it is important that you take into account the quality of these products – including sunscreen and formulas – since your skin is more vulnerable under the rays of the Sun. Learn how to invest and save on basic makeup for the beach – and put into practice these Tips to be the next goddess of the summer!


1 invest – Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 Oil Free

This lightweight moisturizer with colour offers protection and coverage while enjoying a day at the beach. It cries out to be the perfect alternative to Foundation thanks to its components such as vitamin C and E, your sunscreen and its soft finish. There are two versions of Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 – this is ideal for oily skin. Price: US $40.


2 saves – e.l.f. Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

Because of its incredible cost, this moisturizing with color is ideal for use in summer days. Besides offering sun protection with SPF 20 filter, e.l.f. Studio Tinted Moisturizer has key ingredients such as vitamin E, C, E, aloe and cucumber that nourishes and refreshes the skin – a must-have after overexposure to the Sun. Price: US $3. « More»


3 reverse – Tarte Lock & Roll 12-hour Eyeshadow

This shade in cream has many benefits – apart from their natural ingredients and recycled packaging – not be “it as will wiped out” of your eyelids. Thanks to the mineral pigments and easy application can provide you a perfect look up to 12 hours… dips test!. It uses the Rose Gold and Burnt Bronze tones for a beach effect. Price: US $17.


4 save – Revlon Creme Shadow Not Just Nudes

This palette of shades in cream tones are the ideal for a beach makeup. It contains colors land with subtle shine that will help you illuminate your eyes while you receive the Sun’s rays, without combining with any type of skin or Tan… The best? The delicate texture cream to goof-proof. Price: around $6.


5 investing – Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara

The quintessential luxury brand offers this mascara that has it all: lengthens and volumizes defines. Ideal for the beach or cities hot since it is long-lasting and waterproof. Its key ingredient, the provitamin B5, helps to condition each lash for a natural and healthy look. Price: about $35.


6 saves – Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara

With more than 40 years on the market, this mascara is still the best selling in the United States. Impressive? Even better is his version water proof. The best alternative for the summer if you prefer to invest in other makeup items. Do not be afraid to its low cost, this pestanina will do the perfect job without leaving you bankrupt. Price: around $6.


7 reverse – Yves Saint Laurent Creme Blush

A cream blush is the key to any hot climate. Bet by crème Blush to look natural and healthy – giving you a finish of silk even at higher temperatures. Remember, tones peaches and roses are flattering to almost all skins – do not hesitate to apply with your fingers in the center of your cheeks. Price: US $38.


8 save – Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Sheerest Cream Blush

Its formula with natural ingredients like jojoba and vitamin E help oil and grease to nourish and refresh the skin with each application. The advantage of Sheerest Cream Blush is their durability and ability to achieve from the more translucent to the strongest. Not bad for its excellent quality. Price: US $9.


9 invests – Lancome Star Bronzer Poudre Soleil

Bronzer powder is the best friend of a tropical holiday. Star Bronzer Poudre Sôleil has a range of three tones that, incredibly, feel well all kinds of skin – has a touch of brightness, which will give you that bronzed look without so much make-up. The long-lasting and velvety finish formula offers you a natural beauty while enjoying the beach and the Sun. Price: US $36.50.


10 saves – Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic Multi – Colored Custom Pressed Powder

This wonderful compact bronzer has the ability to adapt to any skin tone – from the lightest to the darkest! You can control the amount you use – without makeup, in addition to be multi-purpose, since it serves to define your face, illuminating or give a slight Tan. Price US $12.95.


11 invests – Fresh Sugar Honey Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15

For the beach or the heat, don’t bother to use heavy labial bars. Opt for a lip balm that gives you protection and color. Sugar Honey Tinted Lip Treatment has SPF 15, which helps prevent damage caused by the Sun’s rays. Moisturizes, softens and does not contain Parabens, what more could you ask? Of course, a beautiful color. This honey tone highlights perfect tan. Price: US $22.50.


12 saves – Neutrogena MoistureShine Lipstick SPF 20

Available in wide range of tones, MoistureShine gives you Sunscreen SPF 20 suitable for long hours under the Sun’s rays. Its formula made up of Brazilian Palm butter will keep lips hydrated for eight hours. It is excellent when a lip balm has it all – don’t miss this of Neutrogena on your next vacation or to use it daily!. Price: US $8.50.


How to Get Bronzed Skin


One can never be sure that the summer is equal to the sun.

And who doesn’t want a little yummy suit up for the big day? You do not have to lie and roast in the sun and, risking sunburn and an excessive dose of the harmful rays of the sun.

Maybe you are the type seem to think that natural summer tan is nice, but you simply do not have to lie flat and frying in the sun. You have not done so much in self-tanning, because you did not find much success with it. All too often it ends up looking artificially out.

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