Free whatsapp: Changeover Ensures Vortex on the Web

Subscription conversion: whatsapp asks for patience

Facebook daughter whatsapp has begun to shift the date paid subscription accounts and permanently free to make. In social networks, many users who speak of problems log this topic: time appear the message that whatsapp is free in the profile, then the note disappears. Whatsapp himself writes a blog entry that the transition successes in the next few weeks. In other words: They ask still for a little patience, until all accounts actually accordingly changed were.

Facebook makes it possible: whatsapp free

Whatsapp announced the change on January 18, 2016. The acquisition has allowed us to focus on growth and not to think about making money s0 co-founder Jan Koum on the Internet-Conference DLD in Munich. He said whatsapp wool mix with greater communication between businesses and consumers, with a view to a possible future business model. Continue reading Free whatsapp: Changeover Ensures Vortex on the Web

Surprise in the Reader-Test of Lumia 950 (XL): Android Despite Windows 10

In an unusual test, ten had Our site selected premieres testers decide: so far, they used an Android Smartphone, now they were testing one of the new Microsoft Lumia 950 or 950 XL with Windows 10. Your test results sent readers to editors and had to then send to our site either your Android or the Lumia Smartphone screen.

Lumia 950 and 950 XL: the reader conclusion

The premieres testers say that

Readers of Roland Sossna has tested his Lumia 950 as Navi: the new Windows service cards works absolutely satisfactorily without an Internet connection. When Arne Kühn, the display caused dock for more security: I can stay at last with my Smartphone without risks also in my familiar Windows environment. Roland Dörr bothered in the test the battery life of the 950 XL: hardware and Windows 10 are still not properly co-ordinated, or the battery is too small. Hans-Peter Gothenburg testers praised the display release via iris-scan: with me than spectacle wearers, the probability of detection was about 90 percent. And acquaintances could not outsmart the iris scan. The detailed opinions of the tester is available in the above Gallery. Continue reading Surprise in the Reader-Test of Lumia 950 (XL): Android Despite Windows 10

Mytaxi: Court Bans Discount Actions

Get customers the next mytaxi booking discount yet or not? The decision in the dispute over promotions on the app of the Daimler subsidiary booked taxi trips has fallen: the Landgericht Frankfurt declared the discount by mytaxi contrary to law. This should be only a step in the months-long legal dispute. Nevertheless, Dieter stressed Schlenker, Chairman of the cooperative taxi Germany: this decision is good for consumers and for the medium-sized taxi companies and taxi stations, because only pretend Mytaxi actions, taxis could be cheaper.

Taxi apps in the test

Taxi apps for Android and ios Continue reading Mytaxi: Court Bans Discount Actions

Twitter Develops Special Celebrity Apps

Twitters product management Chief Jinen Kamdar confirmed now to techcrunch the development of three new Twitter apps, the social network specifically designed for celebrities: Twitter Q & A, Twitter camera app, and Twitter Challenger. So stars should have above all the way the function moments, a news indicator to current events, to influence with their own content. So Twitter wants to fill this feature especially with verified content first-hand and allow stars, flexible and interactive with fans to interact.

Twitter Q & A: question-answer app

This app to celebs and their teams help, through the flood of fan tweets: Twitter Q & A search tweets and puts together the most frequently asked questions for stars. So, they can be much more efficient answer. In the aftermath, the celebrity then receives an evaluation of the activities: the star recognizes this among other things, how many followers he has gained during the question-and answer game and how many re-tweets had the interaction. On the other hand, users find a current Twitter videos and text comments on the subject, which blend: a kind of summary of contributions so. Continue reading Twitter Develops Special Celebrity Apps

Huawei Mate 8 Test: Samsung and Apple, Beware!

Test verdict: What you should know

Huawei, homework! The mate 8 is a strong challenge. The sleek metal dress is high-quality processed and cuts a good figure. The overblown 6-inch screen dissolves only in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), the sharpness but sufficient. A smart move which has a positive effect on the enduring battery. With the Mercurial Kirin-950 processor, so comes the Phablet quickly not in sweat and also still has reserves for the future. Apart from smaller deductions at the camera, that convinced mate 8 all along the line. Best price on the Internet: 455,00 * per order this product at Amazon liquid operation thanks to record faster hardware sharp 6-inch display verarbeitetes quality metal housing with enduring battery dual – SIM and microSD tray fast fingerprint sensor contra camera smaller weaknesses battery can be not switch well test note of Editor 2.22 users rating now evaluate whether noble Android P8, the attempted with the mate S foray into the premium class or the nexus designed together with Google brought 6 p Huawei 2015 equal several flagships in the market. A full-throttle strategy that 2016 seamlessly continues: With the mate 8 the Chinese mobile giant brings another premium-Smartphone on the market. In English it is Mate Eight nasty tongue twisters. But soon the high end Phablet should be on everyone’s lips and apples as well as Samsung’s seriously compete with upcoming Smartphone firecrackers. Continue reading Huawei Mate 8 Test: Samsung and Apple, Beware!

Wi-Fi in Regional Trains: Passenger Associations Calls for Rapid Expansion

Free Internet not only in the ICE must be

According to associations representing passengers, but also, in subways and commuter trains today should be each available are available on all trains of the transportation standard, so that connection information is available, the Honorary Chairman of the Association Pro Bahn, Karl-Peter Naumann said. Many passengers have not be able to see during the trip, where they get to.

Berlin u-Bahn stations get Wi-Fi hotspots

Also the Berlin passenger Association IGEB pleaded for better Internet connections in the tunnels of the Berliner Verkehrsgesellschaft (BVG). At least the stations get an upgrade here soon. End 2018 there will be in all 173 Metro of Wi-Fi hotspots. Currently is the wireless Internet access only at 74 stations possible. Continue reading Wi-Fi in Regional Trains: Passenger Associations Calls for Rapid Expansion

Stikbox: Selfie-Stick in the Cell Phone Case

The idea behind Stikbox is as simple as it is ingenious: so that you always have a Selfie stick it, it is integrated into the Smartphone shell. With two simple hand movements, the mobile phone on an extension is installed and ready to go for self portraits of a special kind. For photo enthusiasts it might be worth closer to taking on the Kickstarter project under the magnifying glass.

MWC News: the top smartphones 2017

51 mobile phones the main new equipment Continue reading Stikbox: Selfie-Stick in the Cell Phone Case

Medion Akoya E2212T: Aldi Notebook for $299 in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

299 euros are really not much for a notebook/Tablet combo. But customers have to scale down their claims something. Because the Medion Akoya E2212T is a neat convertible with a reasonable screen and a sufficient pace of work, however, weak points are the missing USB 3.0 jacks, the small amount of memory and the SSD storage tight 58,23 gigabytes. The Aldi notebook but impressed with a long battery life. On top of that there are the package Office 365 for one year free. Per ordinary picture quality very long battery life small, lightweight design screen removable Office 365 for 1 year free counter some slow pace of work no USB 3.0 ports of scarce SSD memory obsolete Wi-Fi n standard test grade the editorial 2.96 satisfying who constantly shuttling between Tablet and notebook classic desktop PC comes ever ponder: all these devices are really necessary? Is not a practical notebook/Tablet combo? In this so-called convertibles, the display can be remove in order to use the device as a tablet. If then Aldi from 28 January offers as a part of Windows 10 for just 299 euros, the question quickly arises: is a good buy? Continue reading Medion Akoya E2212T: Aldi Notebook for $299 in the Test

Play Store: Facebook Prepares Well for Exclusion

Facebook and search engine providers Google compete more and more. Not only, that both companies operate their own social network, they earn most of their money with targeted advertising. Facebook is also long on a kind of search engine, so that the company also in Google’s main business may be to rivals. Accordingly it could come entirely in future to a rift between the groups on Facebook already prepared. However, the information reported the American website and it relies on sources that should be familiar with the matter.

Functions around the social network

Its own app store?

So Facebook should prepare, inter alia, that Google takes your mobile application of the social network of the play store. Therefore, the company tests this information after many options with which you independently wants to allow downloading the app users by Google play store. According to the Internet site of techtimes, includes an its own app store, where Facebook could offer its apps, to be independent of Google. It definitely would be possible: because in contrast to the Apple system ios for iphone and ipad, where applications only officially from Apple’s app store download let offers multiple download options Google’s Android. Continue reading Play Store: Facebook Prepares Well for Exclusion

Acer Iconia One 8 B1-830: Handy 8-Inch Tablet in the Test

Test conclusion: you need to know that

Is somewhat thick and badly advised, has a rechargeable battery with much steam but the Acer Iconia one 8: test the screen with heavy use remained black until after twelve hours and twelve minutes. Too bad: The pace of work was not outstanding despite eight core, but it was enough for most applications. The biggest deficiencies in the test: the slightly dark display, the obsolete Wi-Fi n standard and only moderate cameras. Best price on the Internet: 123,40 euro * this product at Amazon order Pro decent image quality acceptable pace of work long battery life memory expandable contra maximum brightness of slightly low something hard and thick stale Wi-Fi n standard no LTE version available test note of the editorial 3.18 satisfying user rating now evaluate In the segment of small, handy 7 – and 8-inch tablets are artsy and expensive devices alike. Acer’s Iconia one 8 B1-830 fits with a retail price of less than 170 euro in any of the two categories. Is it worth your money? How good is the equipment? What is good for the 8-inch display? And how long will the battery last through? Our site has tested the Android 5 tablet. Continue reading Acer Iconia One 8 B1-830: Handy 8-Inch Tablet in the Test