How to Install Decorative Vinyl

Perhaps many of you have heard of this original form of decoration, aimed mainly at walls, and much like it, but not you atreváis it for fear that it is not as well as you expected. It is normal to have this concern for the care of any surface, however, the main advantages offered by this plugin are precisely its easy installation and, if this does not convince us and comes to tire, his easy retirement. Continue reading How to Install Decorative Vinyl

Google Returns to Confront Demands by Monopoly, This Time by Google Apps

If there is a demand that many large companies have faced ever is one demand for monopoly. Particularly in Europe is an issue that is regarded with particular interest and from certain market share companies must walk with feet of lead for not giving more work to their lawyers, but is sometimes inevitable, and this time he has had to Google launching its legal machinery due to a lawsuit filed in the State of California. Continue reading Google Returns to Confront Demands by Monopoly, This Time by Google Apps

Be My Sexy Valentine

On the date where everything is pink, there are hearts, balloons, flowers, chocolates… And all the boring and sticky we already know Valentine; Why better do not give them a small, rogue twist? Perhaps you have curiosity or desire to be more daring and dogmas, prejudices, Moche and more do not dare to use a coordinated charming, a garter belt, and even a baby doll, so this month is the best excuse to set aside the Hello Kitty panties and wear lingerie, dare, and perhaps your underwear drawer gives a 360 ° turn with these brands you are surely going to worship.

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Vodafone Launches a Fee SMS for Three Euros Per Week Flat

Vodafone still giving us to talk about, and after improving slightly their prepaid rates today announces the launch of a new flat rate for sending short messages to all national destinations.

The rate in question will have a price of three euros per week and it will be available starting this Wednesday, April 11. All clients of the operator, either contract or card, can access your procurement without having to pay a high fee. This will be requested by dialing the mobile * 700 * 31 # and it will automatically renewing every Monday unless the client requests the low. Continue reading Vodafone Launches a Fee SMS for Three Euros Per Week Flat

Back On Campus-Fashion For The University Day

As you may have noticed, I had very little time for the past few days to devote myself to the blog and write new articles. This was mainly due to the fact that my new, and last, semester has begun. This meant for me to get out of bed early in the morning, and often to press the (university) school bank late in the evening. Oh, I miss the semester breaks again!

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