How to Dress Well with Wide Hips

Whether you’re thin, round or very big (no this isn’t a dirty word when it is not used to hurt/insult!), each has its own morphology.

Busty, square shoulders, size unmarked, ankles are not drawn, small, large, plump buttocks or on the contrary who lack guts, hips, etc. We could take several women who are roughly the same size and the same weight and you’ll quickly realize the diversity of the body!

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Kenzo x H&M

Here we go – time for the first “real” outfit of the new year! I’ve saved this dress for a special post because it’s so amazing! When the Kenzo x H&M collection was launched, I was pretty sad that there were only the usual “small” sizes available – but there were a few oversized pieces which could definitely been bought and worn by plus-sized women. Like this dress! This is a EU size 40 and still huge enough for me to wear it like it’s supposed to be worn – oversized. It’s also my favorite print of the collection and I love the combination with black. Continue reading Kenzo x H&M

International Curvy Fashion Fair

For the fifth consecutive year, the Curvy Fashion Fair presented in Berlin as part of Fashion Week. in curvy, the plus size fashion portal was, you might like this to be sized to meet well-known Plus bloggers to catch impressions of the current Size Fashion to latest fashion trends for the coming seasons, and of course to bring great inspiration.

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Men’s Fashion: Military Style

The Military Look

No, do not worry men, your “Bundeswehr outfit” can continue to dust in the cellar. The Military Look uses only a few elements and cuts, such as the double button bar or shoulder appliqués (also to be seen by designer “Maison Martin Margiela”). In any style direction this look can not be pushed, it can be worn very casually, but also more strictly. But that depends on you, which corresponds more to your type!

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Vodafone Flexible Funding System and with 20% Discount Makes It Compatible in Size @ for Less

Just two months ago that Vodafone with its new business model introduced the possibility of Mobile finance interest-free to facilitate the purchase of a more expensive phones and increasingly to include less subsidy but it is from now on when to relax its conditions for flexible installment payments. Continue reading Vodafone Flexible Funding System and with 20% Discount Makes It Compatible in Size @ for Less