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We have decided to finally make a comparison with the best over-ear earphones, i.e. the helmets that cover the ears completely. If you do not know the types of headphones that are you look at our main page or in this guide we explain it more detail. But to summarize say that the over-ear cover the ears completely making that you submerge completely with what you hear.

As we have always done in headphones-Bluetooth we have taken the bestselling over-ear headphones and we have valued them for ending a classification with the best two that we consider to have the best quality at the price you pay for them.

Before proceeding to clarify that here we are talking about the most outstanding over-ear headsets for use General com enjoy music and other. If you want to enter more details according to their use we recommend:

  • Over-ear to look at film
  • Over-ear for professionals and study
  • Over-ear if you’re DJ

Best value for money. Sony MDR-7506 (€100)

For those looking for the best sound, paying as little as possible, we have found that the Sony MDR-7506 are the perfect over-ear headphones in this sense. For those who are a bit of study in study you know there is always this model out there. This Sony sounds great. We have considered that you have a perfect flawless balance and that sounds like a pair of headphones over ear should sound.

Best price found: €99
With this Sony you can hear nuances with the others you can’t. While it is true that there are headphones that they are worth three times more but do not sound three times better, since with the MDR-7506 sound fantastically priced so cheap. With them you can handle dialogue, music and sound effects. They also come with an adapter and a travel bag, so you can move them perfectly from your mobile to your Home Cinema or your gamingstation. We, who are the sea of Multipurpose.

It also has a design that is timeless. It is rare but so, we feel that this style has been among us since the beginning of time and that it will continue for a long time there. They have a high quality of construction, as well as replaceable ear (if never deteriorate…) and one year warranty for parts. Although we have tested them for several days, some internet users say having this pair for 10 years and they continue to use them without problems.

The coiled cable is long enough if you want to get quite away from your over-ear earphones, and the truth is that it is a heavy duty cable. I’ve seen some DJ screw cable with chairs and tables, or with the Sony MDR-7506 in soil without effects of deterioration (not the start step…). Also if out little you can fold for storage and travel easily.

In case outside little, besides being hard the MDR-7506 are a pair of over-ear headphones really comfortable. All consumers and people who have used them have commented that they feel in using them, something that is uncommon with wide range sizes of heads and ears that we have in the world. You consider that headphones like these will go well once placed is really important, and more if you have them to use in a regular. Thus, it is noteworthy that all those who have tested them seem to us well.

Finally, and probably most importantly, is that… you can find it for less than 100 euros! By this same have had to include in our comparison of headphones cheap as over-ear headphones best without a doubt. You can feel safe when you buy it you are doing a very good buy.

What we liked least

As you’ve seen, for the moment only have good things to say about the Sony MDR-7506, but always we try to find three feet the cat because no set is perfect. So in this section you will find some things that we changed and so interesting that you consider if you are thinking of buying them with offers that you discussed here.

To begin we would do that if cable could remove and replace. While it is true that it is practical in an office or study, it would be great that it could change by one shorter if us win, or can thus use a remote and a microphone for mobile.

Although the design does not pass fashion, we can be honest because it will not win Beats helmets in a contest over-ear earphones. What is true is that models that look pretty good cost two or three times more in addition to sound half of well (like that just to name…).

So despite this couple of things they worth much, and what you pay for the quality of audio in the MDR-7506 classics compensates for these two small details. If you want to make your first investment of over-ear earphones, consider these Sony.

The cheapest ones. Audio Technica ATH-M30x (€70)

Well, you save 30 euros, but you might want to consider a second model either by design, tastes, etc. In this case of all those who have compared the Audio Technica have also excelled for the price and the quality of sound you get with them.

Best price found: €69
They are slightly better than the M20x but slightly not as good as the M40x, so you’re between. The ATH-M30x has good earmuffs but once released they have the feeling of fragility (although it doesn’t mean that they are). They sound better than the M20X (more refined, better low detail) but come to a sharp high of 3 kHz.

Our verdict is that: If you want to spend as little as possible in a couple of over-ear earphones, then these you will endure well and give you enough sound quality for less than 70 euros. But honestly if you can pay 30 euro extra would go to the Sony without hesitation twice.

Are these over-ear headphones for you? Recommendations and opinions

The over-ear headphones in this price range are made for people who are looking to invest in your first pair and have the first good experience of sound in their ears. A good pair of helmets that cover the ears to these prices should create a good balance and clarity that rightly represents what the artist wanted to interpret. Closed back headphones in this range should seal the auditory material and eliminate the noise cancellation to a certain extent.

The models you see here are the recommended sea for students and office workers seeking a bit of independence with what they hear. If you’re thinking you be DJ or professional best look at publications that we’ve already bound to respect, however these here may be a good starting point if you are deciding if or not to pull the world of professional audio.

The Sony are the over-ear earphones that liked most, and it is that it has not been easy to find a model that covers the ears completely to be affordable for most budgets. In fact it almost do winner of our comparison of the best headset money. However in that regard, we considered all types of helmets for what was a competition conducted between the Sony and Jabra at the end. Another website that you can serve is headsets for listening to music where we talk about the best to enjoy songs and audio in general.

Those over-ear headphones that you’ve been able to see they sound better than any other for the same price, whether they are in-ear headphones or Bluetooth models. So in conclusion it is a good investment of money if you are looking at types of headphones that can go well. If you are like a good over-ear you don’t have second thoughts and purchase the Sony with the offers that you have listed above.

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