Outdoor Watches: Which Watch Fits Best?

Now in the warm season, we spend our free time outdoors again and then also like to move.Whether fitness, jogging, cycling, sailing, swimming or diving: if you want to be well equipped, you should always have the right watch at the start, which is adapted to your individual needs.

The selection of such outdoor watches is great. What is crucial is the demand for the functions of such a watch. For the diver the water density is decisive, the runner needs a round counter and the sailer is pleased with a compass or a temperature display. Fitness friends want to have the heart rate monitor and a cyclist the stopwatch, so as you can see already beautiful, it is really fundamental before the purchase with the functions and requirements to the clock apart before you can make a decision. So that the whole is not so complicated, I set the most popular watches just before and everyone can then decide for themselves whether they meet the requirements or not.

Let’s start with passionate runners: Whether Marathon or not, who wants to run seriously wants to know about the success and failure and which can be measured excellently with the Timex Ironmen. An internal memory includes 10 training units including heart rate, chronograph and interval timer. In addition, calorie consumption and pulse rate can be measured in minutes. At all times, Timex has a very wide selection of different sports watches in the assortment, all of which are different and adapted to different needs.

For sailors, on the other hand, quite different functions are at the forefront. There is a Tidemesser as useful as an integrated compass and a tide indicator. The Mercedes among the sailing watches is the sailing touch of Tissot. The really leaves nothing to be desired. Various integrated functions such as the second time zone, perpetual calendar, thermometer (Celsius and Fahrenheit), 2 alarms, altitude and altitude difference meters, compass, barometer with absolute / relative air pressure and digital timer make sailing a true experience.

Last but not least there are ambitious divers who like to go under the water with the right watch, and Citizen has made a name for itself. But also Kienzle, Timex, Dugena and Festina have suitable time knives in the assortment to ensure a carefree dive.